Therabody’s RecoveryTherm Cube Provides Targeted Recovery with Both Heat & Cold

By Andrew Peloquin  |  August 3, 2023


Therabody’s RecoveryTherm Cube Provides Targeted Recovery with Both Heat & Cold

Therabody is back with yet another game-changing recovery aid, and no, it’s not a percussion massager. Instead, they’re bringing to market the RecoveryTherm Cube, a device that provides pain relief through hot and cold therapy.

All you’ve got to do is place the device on whatever body part is causing you pain, and let it do its thing. It’s got three temperature settings to choose from:

  1. Heat setting, generating up to 109F temperatures to relax your muscles and boost circulation.
  2. Cold setting, generating 46F temperatures for cryotherapy to numb pain and stop inflammation in its tracks following an injury.
  3. Contrast setting, which switches between cold and hot to provide both benefits at the same time.



Thanks to its run time of up to 120 minutes (on hot/cold, with just half that for the contrast setting) and its portable size (small enough to fit into any backpack or briefcase), you’ve got instant access to therapeutic treatments anywhere, anytime. There’s even the option of a strap that lets you secure it to your body for hands-free treatment.


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