KATO Makes Some of the Best Selvedge Jeans On the Market

By Beau Hayhoe  |  July 24, 2023

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KATO Makes Some of the Best Selvedge Jeans On the Market

Finding the best selvedge denim on the planet is all about a rare quality: Purity. Or rather, the purity you tend to find when working with some of the best fabric on the market, as KATO does.

For as much as blue jeans are a timeless style classic for guys, it’s a crowded field, and menswear brands that take their time and commit to a clear vision tend to stand out quite easily from the pack.



There’s a purity that the Los Angeles-crafted brand has tapped into with the richness of high-quality Japanese denim, like the KATO Pen Slim Jeans. And yet, that old-school purity fuses seamlessly with modern innovation: KATO has managed to blend distinctive Japanese denim with four-way stretch for tons of comfort and durability. They also offer non-stretch selvedge sure to please even the most retro denimhead.



True to form, each pair of denim gets better with age and molds to your body over time. For good measure, KATO has also developed the knit material Denit, bringing the comfort of loungewear to the denim world. KATO respects the past while working towards the future, and that’s admirable in the denim world.


$ Varies

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