Nomad Updates its Insanely Handy ChargeKey to Work with Modern Devices

By Andrew Peloquin  |  July 24, 2023


Nomad Updates its Insanely Handy ChargeKey to Work with Modern Devices

Nomad is bringing back its most useful USB accessory, and it just got a major upgrade to work with modern portable devices.

The ChargeKey is designed to make charging your devices on the go simpler and easier. Small enough to fit into your pocket and featuring a loop to secure to any lanyard or keychain, it’s the ultimate portable charging cable.

The new model is available in both USB-C and Lightning charging (for Android and iOS), with a USB-C plug for easy insertion into fast-charging bricks and plugs (one test found it was capable of 20W and even 60W charging).

The nylon braided cable may be short (just 12cm total) but it’s insanely tough and resilient against twisting, stretching, and snapping. Thanks to the magnets built into the USB tips, both ends stay neatly together in your pocket without getting in the way of other important items.

Pack this nifty little accessory into your backpack, and you’ll be ready to charge your device anywhere, anytime.


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