LEGO’s 2,300 Piece Chewbacca Set is Coming This Fall

By Andrew Peloquin  |  July 20, 2023


LEGO’s 2,300 Piece Chewbacca Set is Coming This Fall

Let’s be honest: as badass as the Jedi are in Star Wars, there are few characters who can hold a candle to the giant, furry, lovable, yet capable and ferocious Chewbacca. He may not have any actual words in the movies, but that signature roar is still beloved and instantly recognizable around the world.

Chewie fans, you’ll appreciate this cool LEGO set: a 2319-piece, 18-inch tall replica of your favorite Wookie warrior. Not only does the figure replicate his shaggy fur, but also his giant Wookie bowcaster and signature bandolier.



Also included in the set is a stand to set him on, a display plaque with some character info, and a stud-shooting Chewie LEGO minifigure to add to your regular Star Wars LEGO collection.


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