The Tiny Tungsten Slice Blade Never Dulls

By Andrew Peloquin  |  July 24, 2023


The Tiny Tungsten Slice Blade Never Dulls

Add this capsule-sized edc knife blade to your car keys or house keys, and you’ll be ready for anything. Sized literally to fit in your fingers (just 32 mm long), it’ll tuck away in any pocket or pouch, and look utterly innocuous so you can take it anywhere (even on a plane because it’s TSA-safe).

But when you need to open that box, package, or envelope, just unscrew the cap and the 8mm blade will be ready to get to work. The tungsten blade is wickedly sharp and will hold its edge forever so you never have to sharpen it.



The curved push point is designed specifically for maximum puncturing power with the least amount of pressure required. Though this blade is small, once you wield it, you’ll see just how mighty it is.



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