The Iconic Bar from ‘Cheers’ is Up for Auction

By Andrew Peloquin  |  May 18, 2023

The Iconic Bar from ‘Cheers’ is Up for Auction

If you, like me, grew up watching and loving the TV sitcom Cheers, then you’ve probably dreamed of sitting around the bar and sharing a drink with Sam, Diane, Coach, Norm, and the rest. Well, the first part of that dream may just come true: the entire bar set is up for auction.



Heritage Auction is putting the Bar from Cheers set on the block, along with close to 1,000 other pieces from famous TV shows—including Mad Men, Star Trek, and The Office.



The square bar set is 125 inches long on each side, stands 44 inches tall, and is built from Luan wood in a three-piece design.

Included in the bar set is the countertop with its railing, a back bar unit, six of the iconic burgundy leatherette bar stools, and a few “set dressings” from the show. Bring a bit of TV history into your own living room with this iconic bar set.

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