This Dual-screen 4K HDR TV from Telly is Free Because Ads Stream 24/7

By Andrew Peloquin  |  May 16, 2023


This Dual-screen 4K HDR TV from Telly is Free Because Ads Stream 24/7

A brand new smart TV totally for FREE? How is that possible?

Hardware startup Telly is getting creative with their launch, offering a dual-screen 55-inch 4K HDR (complete with integrated five-driver soundbar) at no cost. However, there’s a catch: the second screen below the main screen will stream ads 24/7 (or as long as you’ve got the TV on).



The ads only take up around 25% of the secondary screen’s space, while the rest is occupied by a collection of widgets that display everything from weather to sport scores to music playback options. Users who sign up for the Telly program (available only in the U.S. currently) are also agreeing to share certain data (unspecified) to help advertisers target content more effectively to their consumers.

It’s certainly not the ideal TV for everyone—especially those who prefer ad-free streaming—but for many people, the draw of a FREE high-quality TV is well worth the 24/7 ads.


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