Garmin’s Instinct 2X Solar Has “Unlimited” Battery Life + a Cool Flashlight

By Andrew Peloquin  |  April 14, 2023


Garmin’s Instinct 2X Solar Has “Unlimited” Battery Life + a Cool Flashlight

The Garmin Instinct 2 is getting a whole bundle of upgrades, and the Instinct 2X Solar promises to be an even more rugged, longer-lasting watch ideally suited to outdoorsmen.

New features include:

• A multi-LED flashlight (found on Garmin’s Enduro), available in white, red, and green (on the 2X Solar Tactical model).
• Garmin’s Power Glass solar charging lens integrated into the display to charge the watch using sunlight.
• Fitness-related features, such as the Morning Report, Training Readiness, TracBack routing, heart-rate variability tracking, and new sport-specific apps.
• “Unlimited” battery life provided you spend on average 3 hours outdoors (in light conditions with 50,000 lux or more).
• Smartwatch mode, featuring notifications for both iOS and Android smartphones

If you want a watch that can do more, go farther, and last longer, the Instinct 2X Solar is a great smartwatch to consider.



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