The Ti-FST Titanium Stash Tube Holds Everything You Need for Making a Fire

By Andrew Peloquin  |  March 6, 2023


The Ti-FST Titanium Stash Tube Holds Everything You Need for Making a Fire

Be ready for any emergency situation and keep this handy firestriker tool in your hiking, boating and camping gear.

The Ti-FST is a fire-striker ferro rod holder designed to provide a reliable fire-starting source.

Built from aerospace grade 5, corrosion proof titanium, it’s insanely tough while also being lightweight enough that you can comfortably carry it in your pocket or pouch all day.



Not only does it come with a compartment to house Ti’s ferro rod (the Ti-1HSU, sold separately), but it features a second compartment to hold a German-style pencil sharpener that you can use to turn sticks into kindling and tinder shavings for easier fire-starting.

The compartments are both waterproof so their contents stay dry even in a downpour, and the knurled surface offers you good grip even if your hands are wet.

As a finishing touch, it comes with a compass integrated into one of the caps so you’ll always be able to navigate safely back to camp.


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