The Ultralight SuperTourer Truck Camper is Ready for Serious Off-road Action

By Andrew Peloquin  |  February 24, 2023


The Ultralight SuperTourer Truck Camper is Ready for Serious Off-road Action

Camper vans, move over: truck camping is now dominating the mobile camping game, with Enduro Campers’ SuperTourer joining the party in a big way.

This pop-top truck camper is built from ultra-light composite materials (fiberglass and 2,000-PSI two-party epoxy on a foam core) that reduces the weight and makes it compatible with off-road travel.



The SuperTourer’s exterior shell is reinforced with aluminum extrusions that can withstand the jolting and jarring of steep trails or narrow mountain passes. It’s high strength-to-weight ratio makes it a true game-changer for anyone planning some rugged travel far from civilization.



But don’t think for a minute it sacrifices comfort or space—quite on the contrary. Luxury features include a 130-liter Isotherm fridge, a 98-liter water tank, induction cooktop, sink, flexible Lagun table and sofa bench for socializing, a 80 x 68 sleeping alcove platform, air and water heaters, an outdoor shower, integrated awning and sun shade, back-up camera, composting or dry-flush toilet, and power options including 230-watt solar charging and 600 Ah lithium ion battery.

It’s significantly cheaper than a camping van, and significantly tougher, too. via



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