Enjoy a Taste of Slow Living with an A-frame LEGO Cabin

By Andrew Peloquin  |  January 16, 2023


Enjoy a Taste of Slow Living with an A-frame LEGO Cabin

A-frame cabins are one of the oldest and sturdiest shelters mankind has used for millennia to withstand the elements. Now, you can build one for yourself—using LEGO bricks, from the comfort of your own home.



This 2082-piece adult-friendly LEGO set is the creation of Andrea Lattanzio, a LEGO fan and designer from Italy, and it is a truly beautiful piece of brick art. Standing 11 inches tall and 17.5 inches wide when fully built, the two-story A-frame cabin includes all the functional spaces you’d expect: a ground-floor living room (complete with fireplace) and kitchen, as well as an upper-floor bedroom.



Outside, there’s a deck, woodshed, and decorative trees (complete with LEGO squirrel), and the four provided minifigures come with a canoe and acoustic guitar for a true “cabin” feel.



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