The 40,000 mAh iFory Power Bank can Charge your iPhone Ten Times

By Andrew Peloquin  |  October 26, 2022


The 40,000 mAh iFory Power Bank can Charge your iPhone Ten Times

Get ready for a power bank that will blow its competition out of the water. First off, it packs a whopping 40,000 mAh of power. Second, it’s IP67 waterproof and housed in a drop-resistant structure. Third, it’s got its own integrated cooling system to keep it from overheating and a built-in LCD display that makes it easy to keep an eye on your battery life. Last, and most important of all, it’s no larger than a water bottle—ergo, insanely portable.

The power bank comes with two USB-A and USB-C charging ports each, with a power output of up to 100W that makes for lighting fast charging. It’s compatible with most portable gadgets and even your MacBook/laptop, and features an integrated 500-lumen LED flashlight that turns it into an ultra-useful camping and hiking tool. It’s the all-terrain, all-conditions portable power bank you’ll be glad to take anywhere.



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