BioLite Introduces Two Portable Power Stations and a 100-watt Solar Panel

By Andrew Peloquin  |  August 2, 2022


BioLite Introduces Two Portable Power Stations and a 100-watt Solar Panel

BioLite is best known for its cutting-edge camping and cooking gear, offering an array of solar battery packs, fire-fueled chargers, and more. Now, it’s getting into the power game on an even bigger level, offering two robust solar-power enabled power stations & a 100-watt solar panel that can travel with you everywhere you go.

The BaseCharge 600 has a built-in lithium ion battery capable of storing 622 Watt-hours, while the BaseCharge 1500 can handle 1521 Wh. Charge time on the bigger battery pack is obviously longer (13.5 hours plugged into a wall charger vs. 7 for the BaseCharge 600), and it will require four of the 100-watt Solar Panel 100s to charge quickly rather than just the one needed for the smaller model. But with multiple USB-A and USB-C ports, 12V DC barrel ports, and wireless charging for Qi-enabled devices, it makes powering up all of your devices on the go an absolute breeze.

Best of all, the solar panels even come with two direct plugs (USB-A and USB-C) so you can charge your devices even without the battery packs. Now that’s real power.



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