DeLorean Returns with its 300-mile Range Alpha5 EV

DeLorean Returns with its 300-mile Range Alpha5 EV

By Somnath Chatterjee  |  May 30, 2022

DeLorean has been teasing its comeback for a while and now it has been finally revealed in the form of the Alpha5. Some unmistakable styling cues like those rear louvres and the gullwing doors do remain from the iconic original but everything else is brand new including the sleek headlamps and the massive wheels.

Underneath those beautiful Italdesign penned lines is a 110kWh battery which promises a range of 300 miles. It’s fast too with a top-speed of 188mph. Only 88 of these gorgeous EV sports coupes will be built but more than anything else, the Alpha5 is a faithful modern-day interpretation of an iconic automobile which is still parked in our minds.


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