Step Up Your Vlog Game with this DJI Clip-on Mic

Step Up Your Vlog Game with this DJI Clip-on Mic

By Andrew Peloquin  |  April 5, 2022

When you hear the name DJI, you probably immediately think of the DJI Inspire or DJI Phantom. But drones aren’t all the brand has to offer—now they’re entering the wireless clip-on microphone game, and entering in style!

The Mic features 48KHz, 24-bit audio capture with a range of up to 820 feet, perfect for recording any spoken-word or video content with high-quality sound. The microphone offers 5.5 hours of battery life and can be easily charged in the battery case. Download your audio files using both Lightning and USB-C, or connect directly to your phone with the provided 3.5mm jack for sterling audio quality. If you want to step up your recording game, this may very well be the microphone for you.


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