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It's that crazy time of the year. One day you spend three hours pinned to the couch in a turkey-induced coma then wake up the next day and it's the holidays. Yup, the clock is ticking. Can you get it together this year? We hope so. We're making it so easy you could actually slip back into that turkey coma for a bit longer if you want to. We've got a Gift List that's like a remote control for shopping. So just lay there, man. We got you. Every gift on our holiday hit list is under fifty bucks.

Amazon Fire TV Stick at
Amazon Fire TV Stick

Jam this little unit in your TV’s HDMI port and you’ll have instant access to all your favorite subscription & streaming services in Amazon’s arsenal plus Netflix of course. Over 200K titles and counting plus 4X the storage and 2X the memory of Chromecast.

BUY IT   $39 Categories: Tech, Television

The Filthy Truth by Andrew Dice Clay at
The Filthy Truth by Andrew Dice Clay

Andrew Dice Clay is one of those offensive, unapologetic comedians that the pearl-clutching PC moralists and nervous ninnies love to hate. Red-blooded American men on the other hand think he’s the balls. This is his new autobiography—the full monty on his ridiculous, incredible career. When it reaches number one on the New York Times bestseller list—probably overnight—those uptight old hags will really be up in arms. And the Dice man wins again.

BUY IT   $19.88 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Catnip Joints at
Catnip Joints

Five for ten is a decent deal on joints, even ones filled with only catnip. But guaranteed, your feline friend will get higher than Snoop Dogg after messing with these fatties. Catnip joints are hand rolled and sealed in a cloth wrapper and made in the USA.

BUY IT   $10 Categories: Gear, Pets

Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans at
Empire of Sin: A Story of Sex, Jazz, Murder, and the Battle for Modern New Orleans

In Empire of Sin, best-selling author Gary Krist describes a complicated three-decade battle that pitted New Orleans’ Anglo-American elite against the forces of vice as they sought to eradicate sin, corruption and violence in early-20th-century New Orleans.

BUY IT   $19.26 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Wintercroft Downloadable 3D Halloween Masks at
Wintercroft Downloadable 3D Halloween Masks

Wintercroft’s 3D masks come as downloadable DIY kits that include templates and instructions that make construction and assembly of your mask a cinch. Using your own cardboard or cardstock material you simply cut out the template shapes, tape the pieces together and then decorate it however you want.

BUY IT   $7.41 Categories: Wear

Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre: A Biography of the Doors at
Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre: A Biography of the Doors

There are plenty of books about Jim Morrison. Unfortunately there are even books by Jim Morrison. But this right here is the definitive biography of The Doors written by famed rock writer Mick Wall, and it fills in a lot of the big blanks about the band behind the iconic frontman.

BUY IT   $20.43 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Prepara Evak Containers at
Prepara Evak Containers

Leftovers and stored food will last longer when the air is removed from the container. And the new Evak line from Prepara makes that possible without some weird plug-in contraption, pumps or valves. They are simple compression containers with lids that forces out air as you press them down. Available in a variety of sizes.

BUY IT   $25 Categories: Kitchen, Space

Blackfire Clamplight Backpack at
Blackfire Clamplight Backpack

This versatile light clamps on, stands on 2 legs as a lantern and works as a normal handheld flashlight. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, it offers 4 light modes emitting up to 125 lumens. It also has a pivoting light head and a built-in carabiner means you can clip it to your pack for easy access.

BUY IT   $30.46 Categories: Gear

Cabins by Taschen at
Cabins by Taschen

Escaping to a little cabin hideaway is an idea that seduced the modern man. Because as much as we love internet shopping and email alerts on our wristwatch, the modern world kinda sucks. This book doesn’t. It’s a colorful, 464-page celebration of the architecture and artistry of small, isolated, low-impact abodes, including creations by many eminent architects.

BUY IT   $46.93 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Moulin Roty Children’s Tool Boxes at
Moulin Roty Children’s Tool Boxes

These high-quality classic tool sets from Moulin Roty are child-size and fully functional and could turn your kids into DIY adults. There are 2 sets. The Small set includes a ruler, saw, hammer, Philips & flat head screwdrivers, & a pencil. The Large set includes the same plus a gimlet, sanding block, plane, pliers, mallet, chisel, c-clamp, ruler, square ruler, and a spirit level. Both are stored in a beautiful wooden toolbox.

BUY IT   $28-73 Categories: Gear, Tools
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