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Dennis Hopper: Drugstore Camera at
Dennis Hopper: Drugstore Camera

Real fans of iconic actor Dennis Hopper know that he was also a passionate and published photographer. This new book of never-before-seen photos from Hopper, was shot in Taos, New Mexico shortly after the filming of Easy Rider using only disposable cameras & drugstore photo labs. It features western landscape vistas, friends, family, & of course, some nudes.

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Penxo at

Penxo is a minimalist 2mm lead holder pencil with no springs, buttons, or mechanical parts. This minimalist design is so simple & functional it earned a 2015 Red Dot Design Award. Penxo is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is available in Darth Black or Rebel Silver.

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Alice in Chains: The Untold Story at
Alice in Chains: The Untold Story

How did Alice In Chains frontman & grunge superstar Layne Staley end up dead from drug abuse alone in his apartment in 2002? This new book from veteran rock journalist David de Sola, drawing on interviews with close friends & family, tells the untold story of the rise & tragic fall of this beloved band.

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Poler Dutch Oven at
Poler Dutch Oven

For those comfy car camping missions where you can bring everything your heart & belly desires, this 10-inch cast iron Dutch Oven from Poler Stuff is a very versatile cookpot for those big, hearty fireside meals.

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CHIP the $9 Computer at
CHIP the $9 Computer

It’s a functional computer that costs nine dollars. CHIP connects to any monitor over composite, VGA, or HDMI, and provides wifi allowing you to work on & save docs, surf the web, & play games. It’s got a 1Gig processor, 512MB RAM & 4 Gigs of storage. There’s even an accessory called Pocket Chip that makes it portable.

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SilverAir Socks at
SilverAir Socks

With pure silver fibers woven in, SilverAir Socks naturally neutralize odors, meaning these socks won’t stink. Ever. And the blend of Merino Wool means all day comfort. Available in 5 cool colors.

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Imbue Tea Vessel at
Imbue Tea Vessel

Preparing loose leaf tea is easier with the Imbue Tea Vessel. Magnetic force holds the tea strainer to the lid, so you simply add the tea & water then screw on the lid & invert the vessel while your tea steeps. When you’re ready to drink it, flip the vessel upright & enjoy.

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Last Man Off: A True Story of Disaster and Survival on the Antarctic Seas at
Last Man Off: A True Story of Disaster and Survival on the Antarctic Seas

When it comes to seafaring in Antarctic waters, most of the tales end in death. This is the rare true tale of survival—in 1998, writer/survivor Matt Lewis was working as a science researcher on a boat in Antarctica. A violent storm comes. Lewis leads the crew to the life rafts & the tale of survival begins …

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Playing Arts at
Playing Arts

Playing Arts created two unique decks for art-loving poker players. Each card in these colorful decks feature original art designed by one of 55 specially-selected international artists. via

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Tooletries at

Tooletries is a hard case tool box for your man-grooming supplies. It features a sleek hard-shell exterior, rubber over-moulded handles, & internal netting to keep everything in place. Available in red, grey, & matte black.

BUY IT   $40 Categories: Accessories, Gear, Groom
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