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Breaking Bad Snow Globe at
Breaking Bad Snow Globe

When all the Blu-ray discs are worn thin and all those hours of unreleased extras have come and gone, the beloved Breaking Bad addict in your life will still need a fix. That’s when you’ll take this heirloom from its place of honor on the mantle and give it a good shake. One shake will engulf the RV in a blizzard of blue crystals giving life momentary meaning. Then you must shake it again.

BUY IT   $41 Categories: Decor, Space

Bruce Lee Playing Cards at
Bruce Lee Playing Cards

Dan & Dave’s officially licensed Bruce Lee playing cards honor the Martial Arts master with custom art work plus each card features an inspirational quote that may help you kick your opponent’s face in.

BUY IT   $15 Categories: Game Room, Gear

Meter of Beer Carriers at
Meter of Beer Carriers

While we’re fine with passing the 12-pack box around the circle until it’s empty, she’d probably prefer you deliver your guests their next round with this handy 3-foot-long multi-drink carrier. Meter Of Beer makes a few different racks, one for beers, shots, samplers, and pints.

BUY IT   $30-50 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Wooden: A Coach’s Life at
Wooden: A Coach’s Life

On top of setting NCAA records in the 60s and 70s that still stand today, UCLA basketball coach John Wooden became one of the most revered and respected coaches in the history of the game. This new biography by Sports Illustrated & CBS Sports writer Seth Davis reveals new insights on Wooden’s legendary life drawing on over 200 interviews.

BUY IT   $24.80 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper at
Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper

Milwaukee Tools makes a cordless reciprocating saw that can cut through 4 inches of cement so you better believe they can build a better beer opener. This ergonomic design will pop your tops and it also features a set of wire strippers in case you need those.

BUY IT   $9.95 Categories: Bar Ware, Gear, Tools

The Filmography of Cars Lithograph at
The Filmography of Cars Lithograph

An artist with an awesome name: Calm The Ham, has created an awesome poster. This 24 X 36-inch litho print features over 71 intricately detailed hand-drawn illustrations of the most iconic cars of Hollywood movies from 1929 to today. The A-Team van, the General Lee, Magnum’s Ferrari and all the rest.

BUY IT   $44 Categories: Decor, Space

One World Futbol at
One World Futbol

This is an easy one, the One World Futbol Project has teamed up with powerful partners to develop the world’s most durable soccer ball. It’s indestructible and never needs a pump. And for every ball you buy, one is donated directly to disadvantaged children worldwide through a vast network of global organizations aimed at improving the lives of kids through sport and play.

BUY IT   $39.50 Categories: Equipment, Sport

Patagonia Expedition Sewing Kit at
Patagonia Expedition Sewing Kit

Patagonia knows a thing or three about outdoor adventure, so when they designed an expedition sewing kit, they made it for tough trailside repairs. Featuring a sturdy aluminum awl and thread in 10 colors, it’ll fix your pack strap, a blown out down jacket or get your boot back together, as long as you actually know how to sew.

BUY IT   $29 Categories: Gear

Joby Action Series at
Joby Action Series

Joby’s flexible, bendable tripods make all the difference when you’re filming with your GoPro & need a versatile way to position your camera anywhere & get good angles.  Now they’ve totally upped the game with a new Action Series collection of pods and clamps made especially for adventure & action sports like biking, surfing, skiing, climbing and so on. More tools for your POV masterpiece.

BUY IT   $15-40 Categories: Gear

Pencil Stylus at
Pencil Stylus

Palm rejection isn’t something that happens to really lonely, unlucky guys, it’s a key feature, and a good one, of the Pencil iPad stylus. When the palm of your hand touches the tablet there’s no confusion between the stylus pressure and the pressure of your hand, resulting in more accurate and natural writing and drawing.

BUY IT   $50 Categories: Gadgets, Tech
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