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Wocket Wallet at
Wocket Wallet

This next-gen wallet will replace all the cards in your wallet without the need for you to carry your smartphone. It encrypts & safely stores all the personal info from your cards. Swipe them all into the device upon initial set-up & then only you can access them with your biomteric stamp or by voice-recognition.

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Fietsklik Bike Cargo System at
Fietsklik Bike Cargo System

Per capita, the Dutch ride bikes more than anyone anywhere. Something like 99% of the population. So naturally, the Fietsklik bike cargo system comes from the Netherlands. It’s a detachable, lockable platform that attaches to nearly any bike offering a variety of cargo carrying accessories including panniers, messenger bags, and a crate big enough to carry a case of beer.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 at
Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40

This new Lumix is the smallest camera on the market to feature a 30X optical zoom. That’ll let you completely fill the frame with your neighbors … face … or other far away stuff. The ZS40 also shoots RAW images and features a full Manual Mode, built-in wi-fi, GPS, and charges via NFC.

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Casio STB-1000 at
Casio STB-1000

This tough new Casio does what all sports watches should do: keep time, resist sweat, water, dust, & dirt and dive underwater to a depth of 100-meters. But it’s also got Bluetooth connectivity that links your watch to fitness apps like Abvio Runmeter, Walkmeter, Cyclemeter & Wahoo Fitness. Plus it’ll notify you of texts, emails, and calls.

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Philips Soup Maker at
Philips Soup Maker

Technically, it would be easier to just open a can, but that’s not the point. This Soup Maker will chop up your fresh ingredients with the push of a button, then heat it up to serve you homemade soup in just 20 minutes. It also functions as a chopper and blender when soup isn’t on the menu.

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Dutchtub Wood at
Dutchtub Wood

Winter is hot tub season. After a day on the slopes or shoveling snow there’s nothing like a good, hot soak. And the experience gets no better than an outdoor dip into a classic, wood-fired tub. Free of chemicals and whirring motors, this luxurious Dutch Tub is the perfect remedy to kill that winter chill.

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Nymi at

Germophobes hate everything but they might like the Nymi. It does everything your hands would normally do: typing, unlocking the car, keying in your passwords, paying for the latte, swiping screens, checking into the hotel. It uses your heartbeat to unlock all the codes in your life so you only have to touch the stuff you want to.

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Kohler Numi 2.0 at
Kohler Numi 2.0

If a toilet equipped with a foot warmer, a heated seat that automatically goes up & down, a built-in music system and a personalized bidet function all controlled by touchscreen interface just isn’t good enough for you, you’ve got issues. And you’ve also got some options, this updated & upgraded Numi turbo toilet from Kohler now boasts a bluetooth receiver, a USB port, and mood lighting that comes in 7 sphincter-tingling colors.

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Mophie Juice Pack Helium at
Mophie Juice Pack Helium

Mophie finally put their juice pack on a diet. The new Helium case/backup power supply for your iPhone 5 will extend battery life by 80% but won’t feel like a brick in your pocket. It’s leaner and lighter and looks much happier now that it lost the weight.

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Swiss Stays at
Swiss Stays

You’ve gotta hand it to the genius behind the “one-size-fits-all” collar stay. He had a dream and a vision and knew there were millions of men out there just like him who were sick of rummaging around in their dresser looking for the right stay to keep that collar point pointy. He believed. Do you?

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