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Joey Roth Ceramic Towers at

Joey Roth Ceramic Towers

Created by artist & industrial designer Joey Roth and hand-made in Portland, Oregon, The Ceramic Towers are premium-quality speakers made with extruded and billet 6061 aluminum, a copper inductor and cables, and plated carbon steel fasteners. They’re a mass-loaded transmission line (MLTL) design and feature SB Acoustics aluminum cone woofers. The 26” tall towers are designed to be used with Roth’s original Ceramic Speakers to produce dynamic, room-filling sound.

Get Off The Wall Sound with the BeoSound Shape Speaker System at

Get Off The Wall Sound with the BeoSound Shape Speaker System

With its modular, wall-mounted design and vast color choices the BeoSound Shape speaker system can be customized to match and elevate any living space. The “shape” itself also acts as an acoustic damper to improve the acoustics of any space. Link up to 44 speakers and stream directly from your phone or tablet via built-in Chromecast, Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth for room-filling, hi-res quality sound.

Home Or Away, The Beoplay 6 Sounds Sweet at

Home Or Away, The Beoplay 6 Sounds Sweet

The latest in B&O’s Beoplay line of stylish, sophisticated speakers, the wireless Beoplay 6 is small in size but delivers room-filling premium 360º sound. Battery life is an impressive 16 hours, and the integrated flex button controls blend into its pearl-blasted aluminum exterior. Available in natural or black.

Yamaha RX-S601 Slimline Receiver at

Yamaha RX-S601 Slimline Receiver

The RX-S601 5.1 channel network AV receiver from Yamaha is well-equipped for home theater & networked home audio. It features the brand’s Sonos-like multi-room wireless MusicCast system as well as high resolution audio support & 4K passthroug plus built-in Pandora & Spotify as well offering AirPlay, DLNA, & bluetooth with a bonus. In addition to streaming bluetooth audio, it can also send the signal back out to bluetooth-enabled speakers of all sorts.

McIntosh RS100 Wireless Speaker at

McIntosh RS100 Wireless Speaker

DTS Play-Fi technology gives the McIntosh RS100 speaker the capability to wirelessly play music on mobile devices over an existing Wi-Fi network. With the speaker connected to your network & linked to the app, you can play from your library and app-supported streaming services like Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify and more. Up to 16 of these speakers can be connected to your network.

Soundboks at


Soundboks’ creators are calling these speakers the “loudest battery powered speaker”, a portable design that packs enough punch to actually power-up a party: 119dB to be exact, so louder than the systems at many bars & nightclubs. They also boast a 30-hour battery life and a shockproof/weatherproof design. Another funded Kickstarter.

McIntosh Introduces $28,000 Quad Balanced Amplifier at

McIntosh Introduces $28,000 Quad Balanced Amplifier

If 600-watts of premium amplification is what your sound system needs, the all-new McIntosh MC611 delivers. This high-powered quad-balanced monoblock amp will easily make the windows rattle in their frames and send pets scurrying while driving your stereo or home theater sound. McIntosh’s Autoformer output technology means that the amp’s full 600 Watts will be delivered to the speakers regardless if it has 2, 4 or 8 Ohm impedance, allowing it to perform to its full potential with all systems.

This Tabletop Speaker Has Some Sweet Stealth Functions at

This Tabletop Speaker Has Some Sweet Stealth Functions

The PR / 01 wireless speaker from Native Union looks like a piece of hi-fi history from the 70s but its 2-speakers are controlled by multiple digital amps and it features Bluetooth with aptX support for flawless mobile streaming. It also has a concealed drawer that hides audio inputs from view and will charge your devices via USB or wirelessly via the optional Qi charger.

Bang & Olufsen Cool Modern Collection at

Bang & Olufsen Cool Modern Collection

Inspired by contemporary interior design and the Art Deco movement of the last century, Bang & Olufsen is bringing the warm resonance of brass to its Beoplay line of premium products. From the handheld BeoRemote to various BeoSound wireless speakers, to the BeoVision 14 4K Ultra HD LED screen TV, this new line is drenched in the golden hue of brass.

The Maverick Speaker Offers Alexa & Good Looks in a Portable Package at

The Maverick Speaker Offers Alexa & Good Looks in a Portable Package

Quality sound and a stylish design make Cavalier’s Maverick speaker system a standout. It’s a portable Bluetooth + wi-fi speaker unit with built-in Amazon Alexa voice control and a convenient charging base. It streams from all your favorite services: Amazon Music, SiriusXM, Spotify, Audible, Pandora, and more. Multiple speakers can be linked together for multi-room audio as well.

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-160M at

Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-160M

With technologies borrowed from the brand’s ultra-high-end speakers, the re-designed Klipsch RP-160M monitors provide dynamic, theater-quality sound in a compact, bookshelf size speaker. Titanium tweeters with 1” travel suspension, copper cerametallic woofers, & a larger 90 X 90 horn are among the technical highlights.

NAIM Mu-so QB at


British high-end audio experts NAIM has just released a smaller version of their remarkable Mu-so wireless music system. This compact new model, the QB (cube) uses 5 speakers with a pair of mids driven by 2 x 50-watt amps & a woofer pumping 100-watts. A 32-bit signal processor, built-in Spotify Connect, Tidal, & Apple Airplay give this 8-inch cube serious streaming power.

Poet Audio Pandoretta at

Poet Audio Pandoretta

It’s not an air filtration system, it’s a plug-n-play 170-watt wireless sound system that boasts seven speakers arranged in a six-sided, multi-chamber cabinet for maximum sound diffusion. The unique stainless steel grille design conceals the on/off & volume controls & it fires up automatically when an audio signal is detected. No remote, wi-fi, or app needed.

The Soundwear Companion from Bose Takes Wearable Tech in a New Direction at

The Soundwear Companion from Bose Takes Wearable Tech in a New Direction

The Bose Soundwear Companion is a unique device that delivers high-quality Bose sound with the freedom of being both hands-free and ears-free. This gives you the freedom to work, interact with others and hear what you wanna hear without being lost in the isolated bubble of your headphones. Wear it around your neck and the upward facing speakers give you music, calls, SIRI voice-control, and simple 3-button controls for playback, pause, & volume. 12-hour battery life.

Klipschorn 70th Anniversary Edition at

Klipschorn 70th Anniversary Edition

Handcrafted in Arkansas, the iconic Klipschorn is an American original—the only loudspeaker to be continually produced for 70 years. To celebrate its birthday, the brand has created an ultra-limited offering of 70 pairs of these patented, 3-way Hi-fi speakers. Encased in Australian Walnut—used only for this edition—and hand-signed & numbered, they feature the enduring Corner Horn design & incredible low-end frequency that has made them a audiophile favorite.

New Sonos Play:5 at

New Sonos Play:5

For the re-design of their flagship Play:5 speaker, Sonos upgraded everything: a fresh exterior, touch sensitive controls, 6 speakers instead of 5, and it links up with your phone using the Sonos app’s Trueplay tool, enabling you to dial in the best sound in any/every environment.

This Speaker & Light Combo is Powered By The Sun at

This Speaker & Light Combo is Powered By The Sun

The Monster SOLARA is an indoor/outdoor solar-powered wireless speaker and light. It’s weather resistant and the 360º lights illuminate in a variety of colors. It can connect and sync audio with up to 7 other compatible speakers up to 100 feet apart and uses the Monster Zone Control app to change settings from your Android or iPhone device.

Marshall London at

Marshall London

After decades of making the most recognizable amps in rock-n-roll, Marshall has turned their efforts to making an Android-powered phone designed to deliver music with a level of audio quality never-before achieved. The phone is called London and features 2 front-facing speakers for great sound even without headphones. It also features the M button, giving you instant access to your music. Volume is controlled by a manual scroll wheel, and dual stereo audio jacks allow you to share your soundtrack with a friend. Marshall’s Mode in-ear headphones are included.