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Crua Hybrid Tent at

Crua Hybrid Tent

You can decide whether you prefer to use Crua Hybrid as a tent or a hammock, either way, you’ll get a sweet siesta. The design features a built-in insulated air mattress and a detachable sleeping bag plus it can link up with other Crua Hybrid tents so you can double-up or create your own tent village. As a hammock it holds up to 285 pounds yet the whole system—tent/hammock, air mattress & sleeping bag—weighs just 6.95 pounds. A funded Kickstarter.

The Quarter Dome Air from REI is a Tent That Hangs in the Trees at

The Quarter Dome Air from REI is a Tent That Hangs in the Trees

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Combining the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the bugbite-reducing and weatherproofing features of a tent, REI’s Quarter Dome Air is a 3-season hanging 1-person tent that gives you the best of both with the option to just run it as a hammock anytime.  With a tension based interior that needs no center pole, it offers a rainfly with plenty of overhead storage yet it weighs just 3.2 pounds.

Grillo at Grillo at


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Italian design meets the portable grill and it cooks as good as it looks. With a unique tripod design that features an easy-to-light stainless steel mesh “fire hammock” beneath a collapsible cook top, the Grillo folds up into a slender package for easy portability.

Hammocraft at


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Right now it’s prime time for hanging out in, at, and on the water. Hammocraft is all about the “hanging” part. This system enables you to hang your hammock on a floatable device like a canoe, kayak, paddle board, river raft, boat, or even a dock or dry land. It’s an aluminum & stainless steel frame that sets up simply in a matter of minutes and folds up for easy transport.

TreePod Camper at

TreePod Camper

Lots of times there’s just nowhere truly flat to pitch your tent—roots, rocks, all sorts of lumpy stuff between you & a good night’s sleep. With the TreePod Camper, no worries. It’s a suspended tent that hangs from the trees. It can support up to 500 pounds and hangs from a single centerpoint. Blending a ground tent with a hammock, it features a taut sleeping surface that’s 87” long by 57” wide. It is waterproof and has windows with mesh ventilation. Available April 1.

Nemo Stargaze Camp Chairs Look Like a Great Place to Hang Out at

Nemo Stargaze Camp Chairs Look Like a Great Place to Hang Out

When it comes to camp chairs, there are lots of options but Nemo just upped the ante with the Stargaze series. They are lightweight, portable swinging chairs that just beg you to sit down, kick back, and hang. There are 3 models: the regular Stargaze, the Stargaze Low, and the dad-special: Stargaze Luxury Recliner. All three feature the hammock-like swinging design and of course a beverage holster right where you need it.

Snow Peak Sky Nest at

Snow Peak Sky Nest

The Sky Nest hanging tent gets you off the ground and up into the canopy for a new kind of camping experience. Spend the night floating on air inside this comfy 2-person shelter that features a hammock-like base and mesh panels on all sides as well as the ceiling, giving you clear views of surrounding forest & the stars above.

Kammok Sunda at

Kammok Sunda

Versatility is what you want from a sleep shelter when you wander deep into the wilderness. And the lightweight, durably-designed Sunda delivers. This tent-hammock does it all, whether your campsite is a mossy grove or a steep stand of pines. Its modular design makes it simple to set up on the ground or hang it in the trees. Either way, you have a dry, weatherproof & well-ventilated shelter for 2+ people. A funded Kickstarter.

Flying Tent at

Flying Tent

If you’re heading out for a night in the wilderness, the Austrian-designed Flying Tent is a super versatile outdoor shelter. It’s the world’s first all-in-one floating tent, bivy tent, hammock & rain poncho. As a tent it sets up in 7 seconds & offers a rain resistant fly that can be removed for stargazing through mosquito netting. Zip off the upper section & you’ve got a poncho. Weight: a very packable 2.6 lbs.

Zenbivy Makes Any Place a Great Place To Sleep at

Zenbivy Makes Any Place a Great Place To Sleep

Zenbivy is a hybrid sleeping bag/quilt designed for versatility and comfort whether you’re napping in the hammock, couch camping or counting every ounce for lightweight backpacking. It features the natural warmth of down filling & both left & right side zippers, a cinch at the feet for ventilating excess heat, and attaches securely to your sleeping pad to stay put. Weight: 2 pounds. Rated to 25ºf. A funded Kickstarter.