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Yuneec Introduces Voice-Controlled Mantis Q Drone at

Yuneec Introduces Voice-Controlled Mantis Q Drone

The Mantis Q drone from Yuneec captures 4K & stabilized 1080P video, uses voice commands and features a 33-minute battery. Gesture control and facial detection are also on the list, as well as a tiny, portable controller. It’s got a top-speed of 44mph, weighs less than a pound and it’s designed for easy portability with fold-up arms. The camera also shoots 13-megapixel photos in either JPG or DNG format.

Parrot Introduces Foldable Anafi Drone at

Parrot Introduces Foldable Anafi Drone

Designed to fold up into a compact package for easy transport, the Anafi drone from Parrot features a 21-megapixel camera on a 180-degree tilt gimbal. It records in 4K HDR at 30 fps or 1080p HDR at up to 60 fps as well as hyper-lapse and slo-mo capability. The Anafi also has a follow mode for shooting selfie footage and will fly for up to 25-minutes on a charge at speeds up to 32MPH.

Teal Drone at

Teal Drone

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With a top speed of 85 MPH, Teal is the world’s fastest production drone. Developed by a Utah-based company, it streams 720 vision & films in 4K at 24fps. Navigation is GPS-driven & its powerful on-board computer is capable of complex machine learning algorithms. It can be controlled by a tablet or phone app but with its speed, a transmitter control unit might be a safer bet.

This Camera Drone Flies for 50 Minutes at

This Camera Drone Flies for 50 Minutes

Zero Zero Robotics’ V-Coptr Falcon camera drone has only 2 rotors rather than the normal 4 but that’s not what makes it such a standout. This thing is all about flight time. 50-minutes. About twice what similar competitors can claim. So that’s a big deal. The camera captures 4K video at speeds up to 30fps and video transmission boasts a range of 4.3 miles. Object avoidance, auto-homing—all the features you’d expect and then some.

PowerRay Fishfinder Underwater Drone at

PowerRay Fishfinder Underwater Drone

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With the PowerRay submersible drone from China’s PowerVision Robot, your fish stories are going 4K. It uses sonar to detect fish, blue light to lure them in and a 4K camera to stream the underwater action back up to the boat. It can dive to depths of 98 feet and go 130 feet away from the boat. Available globally for pre-order on February 27.

Sprite Drone at

Sprite Drone

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Sprite is a drone that flies autonomously under the guidance of its powerful GPS-driven autopilot, or can be flown manually using a conventional flight controller or Android mobile device. The camera shoots 1080P high-definition video from its integrated 2-axis stabilized gimbal.

The Gladius Drone Dives Deep & Captures All The Underwater Action at

The Gladius Drone Dives Deep & Captures All The Underwater Action

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The Gladius is an underwater drone designed for filming, observing sea-life and exploring. It can dive down to a depth of 100 meters, allowing you to capture Ultra HD 1080P/4K quality photos and video directly to internal storage or sharing it via live stream to YouTube or Facebook. The game-like controller and the app interface are simple and intuitive, using your iOS or Android smartphone as the viewing screen.

Lily Drone at

Lily Drone

The Lily Drone links with your phone and uses GPS to follow you—a sort of automatic remote-controlled follow-cam. Once launched, it stabilizes on its own, then chases you around capturing 1080p or 780p video at up to 120 frames per second or 12 megapixel photos.

GoPro Karma Drone at

GoPro Karma Drone

The long-awaited Karma Drone from GoPro was finally unveiled this week. It’s a compact quad-copter with a portable, fold-up design.  GoPro worked hard to simplify the controls, making it easy to fly with their game-style remote. The Karma is compatible with both the existing Hero4 camera as well as the new Hero5 that just dropped. Available 10/23.

Staaker Auto-Follow Drone at

Staaker Auto-Follow Drone

Staaker is an auto-follow AI drone that makes it easier than ever to film aerial video. Offering 5 different self-flying modes, it can capture epic surf shots, biking footage, overhead cityscapes and whatever else you dream up. It tracks an all-weather sensor you wear like a watch while recording footage onto GoPro Hero 3, 3+, and 4 cameras.

DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro Drone Has a Hasselblad Camera at

DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro Drone Has a Hasselblad Camera

DJI gave their Mavic Pro Drone a serious upgrade in image quality with the integration of a Hasselblad camera. It captures images through a large 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor. Hasselblad also improved lens definition, image optimization and processing as well as implementing its Natural Color Solution for JPEG and raw images to improve color accuracy. DJI’s 10-bit D-log & hybrid log gamma for HDR 4K video are also part of the feature set.

The Hover Foldable Drone Just Got A Lot Better at

The Hover Foldable Drone Just Got A Lot Better

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The much-improved Hover 2 foldable selfie drone delivers 4K 30fps video capture, 12-megapixel photos, face tracking and body tracking, using either your smartphone or an optional upgraded controller. It features a stereo camera set-up that provides depth perception & obstacle avoidance, so it can follow you freely at speeds up to 16meter/sec. It has a max flight time of 23 minutes—double the old model—and the main camera operates on a 2-axis gimbal with a pitch range of -90 degrees to zero degrees for getting the shot at any angle.

Catch Big Waves & Big Fish with this Marine Drone at

Catch Big Waves & Big Fish with this Marine Drone

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The PowerDolphin is a sleek marine drone equipped with a 4K HD Camera, a 1000-meter remote control range, and delivers real-time video transmission in hi-res 1080P. The 215º dual joint rotating camera mount allows you to capture above-water and underwater footage and with a top-speed of 11MPH, it’s fast enough to track sports like surfing, fishing, and kayaking.

Drone Maker DJI Introduces S1 Rover Robot at

Drone Maker DJI Introduces S1 Rover Robot

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DJI, maker of the world’s most popular camera drones, has created their first terrestrial robot. The S1 rover, which stands for Step 1, shows the brand expanding into ground-based bots. The S1’s 4 wheels, each with a dozen integrated rollers, enables smooth, omnidirectional movement. It’s also got a blaster that shoots small plastic projectiles, and a 2,400-mAh battery good for 35 minutes of continuous use. In addition to a range of out-of-the-box functions, advanced users can program the S1 bot using Scratch 3.0 and Python code. Available now.

Sunflower Home Awareness System at

Sunflower Home Awareness System

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Here we go. Drone security for your home. The Sunflower system combines outdoor sensors with an autonomous aerial camera for a complete view of what’s going on around your home. Wireless solar motion-detecting lights contain sensors that create a perimeter for the drone. When you get an alert through the smartphone app, you can quickly deploy the drone (which requires no pilot skills) and check real-time HD video of what or who has triggered the system.

Snap Flying Camera at

Snap Flying Camera

This little drone packs a ton of function into a small, lightweight package. The camera has a Sony 4K Exmor sensor on an ultralight gimbal for stable, super hi-res video & images. The drone itself uses GPS linked to your phone to automatically track you overhead as well as programmable flight options. Even the blades are protected so you don’t lose a finger.

Hoversurf Has an Electric Aircraft Unlike Any Other at

Hoversurf Has an Electric Aircraft Unlike Any Other

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The Hoversurf Hoverbike is a recreational aircraft that combines a drone-like design with a body & driver experience that looks something like a PWC, except this thing literally flies. With its monocoque carbon fiber body & 12.3kWh lithium-manganese-nickel battery, it can fly up to 16-feet above ground at speeds up to 60MPH. Flight time ranges from 10-25 minutes with a pilot on board to 40-minutes in drone mode.

DJI’s Mavic Mini is So Small it Flies Under the FAA’s Radar at

DJI’s Mavic Mini is So Small it Flies Under the FAA’s Radar

The soon-to-be-officially released Mavic Mini drone from DJI is so small that no FAA registration is required. Which simplifies things. Fewer barriers to flight, right? The palm-size drone boasts a 30-minute flight time but only a 2.7K camera; its big brothers have 4K—but what you lose in rez you gain in stealth. The price is also pretty lightweight. Due out this week.

Flybrix Lego Drones at

Flybrix Lego Drones

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Flybrix Kits allow you to build your own copter-style drone using Lego bricks. The custom electric motors quick-connect to a pre-programmed circuit board and once built the Flybrix drone can be flown using the dedicated bluetooth app or the optional radio controller. The kits are complete & contain everything you need with no tools required for assembly. You can also use some of your own Legos to customize your copter.