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Spyderco’s DragonFly 2 Now Opens Up & Deploys Automatically at

Spyderco’s DragonFly 2 Now Opens Up & Deploys Automatically

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The DragonFly 2 from Spyderco is a very capable & versatile EDC pocket-knife. But what really sets it apart is the addition of an Emerson Opening design. First developed in the 1990s, it uses a mechanism that opens & deploys the blade instantly as you draw it from your pocket—snapping out & locking into position as fast as you can whip it out. The 2.28-inch VG 10 steel blade is cradled between glass reinforced nylon handles, & features jumping for solid grip on both the top & bottom of the blade.

Fave Knives at

Fave Knives

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Fave brand knives are designed & crafted in the suburbs of Boston. These full-tang high-carbon 420 stainless steel knives feature a versatile blade design made by one of America’s oldest knifemakers, R. Murphy Knives of Ayer, Mass. They use reclaimed hardwoods for the handles and come in 2 sizes, with either a 3” or 4” blade.

JHO GS1 at


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With a square blade and non-locking flip-open design, the GS1—short for Gentleman Slasher—is inspired by the straight razor. The 2.6” blade is made of CPM S35VN steel & titanium. Choose from bronze, black or satin steel handles. Comes with a leather case.

A Slim, German Engineered Pocketknife for Everyday Carry at

A Slim, German Engineered Pocketknife for Everyday Carry

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The Lancer is the latest high-quality tactical EDC blade from German knife maker Böker. It’s got a 3-inch blade made of 440C cold-drawn stainless steel with a linerlock for safety & its matte olive handles are made of reinforced G10 epoxy fiberglass. Slim & lightweight with a removable sprung pocket clip.

The Single Edge at

The Single Edge

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Supply Provision Co. is bringing back the classic single-blade safety razor via Kickstarter. The Single Edge razor is a completely upgraded & updated design. Made of 316L stainless steel, it features a simple-to-use blade magazine that makes blades changes fast & bloodless. Each razor comes with a Martexin waxed canvas travel pouch.

OneBlade at


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The OneBlade design team spent a year studying the science of shaving with the goal of making the best razor on the market. Crunching all their data on shave angles, blade exposure & handle design, they landed on this: OneBlade is a premium-quality injection-molded steel shaver that uses a single safety blade and features a subtle pivot in the head resulting in a bloodless, super-close shave.

Gerber Center-Drive at

Gerber Center-Drive

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The Center-Drive is designed to do a lot of different things—not just passable functions but actual work. It features spring-loaded needlenose pliers that open with just a flick of the thumb, there’s a full-size knife blade, cat’s paw, serrated blade, wire strippers, file, Phillips & flathead bits, a magnetic ¼” bit driver & more. What gives this tool its power is that the full-size bit driver is on the center axis, giving you more torque than other multi-tool drivers.

Kershaw Barge Knife at

Kershaw Barge Knife

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The butt of this knife has an integrated pry bar so you’ll never risk damaging the blade prying something you shouldn’t.  It features a locking 2.6-inch Wharncliffe-style blade, a pocket clip, and weighs just 5.4 ounces.

Spyderco Squarehead Folder at

Spyderco Squarehead Folder

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Small enough to carry on a keychain, the Squarehead from Spyderco is a unique little knife that folds out of a single-sided handle machined from a solid piece of titanium. It features a sheepfoot blade made of CPMS30V powder metallurgy stainless steel and an integrated LinerLock-style mechanism that locks the blade securely open & shut.

James Brand The County at

James Brand The County

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Portland-based James Brand is a knifemaker focused on simple, functional designs and the highest-quality materials. The County is their take on a classic pocket knife: a slim, slip joint straight blade knife that features a 2.5-inch Sandvic 12C27 steel blade and walnut wood and stainless steel scales.

Malvaux Model Number 1 Knife at

Malvaux Model Number 1 Knife

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Handcrafted with the highest quality materials in northwest Switzerland, the Malvaux Model 1 is a modern re-interpretation of the classic Swiss Army knife. This unique design tackles the 2 weak points of the original, providing improved ergonomics and easier access to the blade. The screw-mounted stainless steel blade is sourced from Solingen, where the world’s sharpest blades are made. It can be removed for sharpening or replacement if needed.

The Flagrant Templar Tomahawk Handles the Tough Stuff at

The Flagrant Templar Tomahawk Handles the Tough Stuff

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Designed for nasty jobs of all kinds, the Templar tomahawk from Flagrant Beard is an American made hatchet and multi-tool with a full metal tang. The overall length is just under 13-inches with a blade length of 2.63-inches. Use it for hacking, chopping, prying, and anything else requiring leverage and the bite of a 1095HC Tungsten cerakote steel blade.

This Knife Fits in the Coin Pocket of Your Pants at

This Knife Fits in the Coin Pocket of Your Pants

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The circular-shaped Eclipse pocket knife from San Francisco’s Fulcrum Knives measures just 1.8-inches in diameter, just slightly larger than a U.S. One Dollar coin, so it’ll fit perfectly in the coin pocket of your jeans. Made up of 24 intricate little parts, it features a heat-treated stainless steel Wharncliffe style blade that flicks easily into action. With the blade deployed the Eclipse measures 2.9-inches.

Gerber Freescape Camp Saw at

Gerber Freescape Camp Saw

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With four pivot points that allow the saw to fold flat with the blade safely guarded, the Freescape Camp Saw will slide right into your backpack for easy portability & quick re-assembly to cut larger diameter wood. It uses a 12” blade and features a grippy padded handle.

This Sleek EDC Pocketknife was Inspired by a Japanese Classic at

This Sleek EDC Pocketknife was Inspired by a Japanese Classic

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The California-designed iQ EDC Flipper Knife is a simple blade with a detailed design. It’s constructed with a 3-D machined titanium handle and clip plus carbon fiber and a Japanese VG10 Stainless Steel blade. Its sleek design was inspired the Japanese Higo knife, it’s available in PVD black, satin grey, & stone washed finishes. A funded Kickstarter.

Bartender’s Knife at

Bartender’s Knife

With a versatile design that allows you to peel, slice, and pick your cocktail ingredients, the Bartender’s Knife from Brooklyn-based W&P Design features a hardwood handle and a high quality forged steel blade. Every knife comes with a fine grain sharpening stone for maintaining a razor sharp blade.