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Mission Workshop Has Your Hoodie at werd.com

Mission Workshop Has Your Hoodie

Sweatshirt weather has arrived and Mission Workshop has you covered. Their Magnus Pro is a high performance hoodie made of Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric which offers extreme 4-way stretch, and features an abrasion resistant face and DWR water repellent coating. A kangaroo-style pocket keeps hands warm & a zippered torso pocket keeps phones from falling out.

Ceramic Makes This Hoodie Virtually Indestructible at werd.com

Ceramic Makes This Hoodie Virtually Indestructible

Vollebak’s Ceramic Hoodie is a high-performance hoodie built with the same ceramic technologies used in jet engines. Designed for situations where you only want one or two light layers close to your skin, but you still need your clothing to protect you, it’s tough enough to withstand whatever trials you put it through. Despite being embedded with over 60,000 ceramic particles the hoodie is highly elastic and completely smooth and soft to the touch, with an inner lining of brushed fleece. As a technical sports garment, it’s versatile, built to retain heat while being soft, lightweight, breathable, and high wicking.

Hypnos Inflatable Hood Sweatshirt at werd.com

Hypnos Inflatable Hood Sweatshirt

This hoodie has a secret. In addition to its clean good looks, it’s got an inflatable pillow built into the hood. The integrated pillow means more comfortable sleep during air travel or naps anywhere. A hidden blow-up valve in the hood inflates the supportive pillow in just 3 seconds and when you’re ready to wake up & carry on, just deflate. Another funded Kickstarter.

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