Patrón Tequila Drops a Special Edition Just In Time For Halloween at werd.com

Patrón Tequila Drops a Special Edition Just In Time For Halloween

Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro who created Hellboy and many other horror, fantasy and sci-fi films has teamed up with Patrón for a special, limited edition tequila. Del Toro designed the bottle and the packaging: the 750ml bottle, filled with a special blend of 5 year-aged tequila, looks like a human torso and another small bottle—carved from crystal and filled with orange liqueur—looks like a skull.

Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes Create Effortless Craft Cocktails at werd.com

Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes Create Effortless Craft Cocktails

Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes are ice cubes infused with the key ingredients to create classic craft cocktails. You just add the booze. The recipes were discovered by Herb & Lou in grandma’s herb safe, dusted off & reborn in the form of infused cubes. Flavors include blood orange & ginger, cucumber & watermelon, clover honey & thyme. Simply freeze the package & then add the ice & spirits.

Rise & Shine with Jim Beam Coffee at werd.com

Rise & Shine with Jim Beam Coffee

Several varieties of 100% Arabica coffee bearing the Jim Beam name is the latest brand extension from the world’s #1 bourbon producer. Infused with the essence of Beam, the coffee is available in whole bean form as well as K-cups and comes in 5 fragrant flavors: Original, Bourbon Vanilla, Signature Dark Roast, Cinnamon Stick and Spiced Honey. This is a non-alcoholic product. Sorry.

Ring the Alarm with Fire Department Coffee at werd.com

Ring the Alarm with Fire Department Coffee

Roasted to order by real-life first responders, Fire Department Coffee Co. was founded by firefighters on a mission to make the easiest drinking coffee for our nation’s hard-working men and women. Roasted in small batches in Rockford, Illinois, it is available in a variety of flavors, including a bold Dark Roast as well as bourbon, tequila, & rum-infused varieties. Enjoy it at home or in the most demanding caffeine-intensive work environments & buy it by the pound, 6-pound firehouse-size bags or in K-Cups.

Stay Up with the Black Insomnia Coffee Company at werd.com

Stay Up with the Black Insomnia Coffee Company

You’ll sleep when you’re dead, right? Okay, so to make sure you’re wide awake until then, order up some Black Insomnia, officially the world’s strongest coffee. Proven by independent lab results and confirmed by the Caffeine Informer, it contains a minimum of 702mg of caffeine per 12-ounce cup, so it’s 6.3% stronger than the previous strongest coffee. Available for delivery worldwide.

Shower Beer at werd.com

Shower Beer

From a Swedish Microbrewer that clearly understands the finer things in life, comes Shower Beer. It is a small but potent brew designed for drinking in the shower. It’s got a heavily hopped citrus & herbal profile and according to its creator, can also be used in your hair as a conditioner.

Sudden Coffee at werd.com

Sudden Coffee

Sudden is a synonym for instant. And Sudden Coffee is instant coffee. But not like the old stuff; it’s got flavor. Complexity. Depth. It’s pour-over, cafe quality coffee that requires just hot water—no brew time. Sudden is available on a subscription basis featuring a rotating monthly offering of new & different high-quality roasts.

2016 Whisky Advent Calendars at werd.com

2016 Whisky Advent Calendars

What better way to breeze through the Christmas season than drinking whisky every day? The adult Advent calendars from Drinks By The Dram give you 24 1-ounce wax-sealed bottles of premium spirits from all over the world. Choose a Scotch or Bourbon calendar or even gin, rum, & vodka calendars.

Libra Coffee Pourtables at werd.com

Libra Coffee Pourtables

Posted in Camping Gear and Drink

When you’re traveling, camping, or waking up in far-flung places, getting that morning dose of high-quality coffee can be difficult or just too complicated. But with Pourtables, you get a single-cup of gourmet organic & small batch craft coffee in a simple, portable pouch. Just add water. Pourtables are sold in packs of 10 and for every box you buy, the company provides clean drinking water to people in need.

Patagonia Long Root Ale at werd.com

Patagonia Long Root Ale

Patagonia’s Provision division has added an ‘ancient grain’ beer to their list of adult sport drinks. Long Root Ale is a 5.5% ABV brew made with organic Northwest hops, barley, yeast and a specially bred sustainable grain called Kernza. Look for it in Whole Foods Markets in CA, OR, & WA.

Star Wars Tikis at werd.com

Star Wars Tikis

Break out the rum and the ukulele; and drift to a galaxy far, far away. This set of ceramic tiki drinkware will put a Star Wars-themed twist on tiki-bar classics like the Mai Tai, Zombie, & headhunter. The glasses are 14 oz. size. Choose from R2D2, Yoda, Chewie, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, or just get them all.

Humboldt’s Finest Vodka at werd.com Humboldt’s Finest Vodka at werd.com

Humboldt’s Finest Vodka

Vodka is definitely not the #1 export from Humboldt County but this small batch vodka gets its rich aroma and smooth finish from the region’s main cash crop. Infused with legal, local cannabis, the 80-proof specialty spirit gives you the essence of good bud without the THC.

Stillhouse Moonshine at werd.com

Stillhouse Moonshine

Packaged in a stainless steel can and best served ice-cold, Stillhouse’s moonshine whiskeys are made with estate grown corn and distilled to 100% clear perfection. Flavors include Red Hot, Peach Tea, Coconut, Apple Crisp & Original. All are 80-proof.

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye at werd.com

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye

Single Barrel Rye is the latest addition to Jack Daniels’ crafty Single Barrel Collection of small batch whiskeys. This classic 94-proof whiskey is made using 70% rye, 18% corn and 12% malted barley, creating a clean, sweet, & grain-forward flavor. Available nationwide this month.

2015 Whisky Advent Calendar at werd.com

2015 Whisky Advent Calendar

Christmas. No better way to count off the days than by drinking whisky every day until it’s over. With this advent calendar you don’t get a stale foil-wrapped chocolate, you get a new premium whisky to try each day. If whisky isn’t on your wish list, they’ve got other booze calendar options.