The Hub Grill Cooks with Killer Looks at

The Hub Grill Cooks with Killer Looks

The Hub Grill from Everdure is a pro-quality charcoal BBQ stacked with high performance features sure to stoke-out the most discerning pit masters. It has a Fast Flame ignition system that heats it up to cooking temps in just 10 minutes, a built-in rotisserie with an 88-pound capacity, a porcelain enamel firebox, and ‘set & forget’ electronic controls.

The C4 Portable is a Small Grill with Serious Firepower at

The C4 Portable is a Small Grill with Serious Firepower

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Yes, it looks like a military ammo box. No accident there. And the C4 Portable Grill is built to be just as tough. It’s made of thick 12-gauge steel and features a stainless steel handle. Designed for portability, picnics, and tailgating it features a 12” X 7” cooking surface and the hinged & latched lid means no spills while in transit. Available in black or military green. Made in Texas.

The Städler Made Oven Makes Perfect Pizza, Outdoors at

The Städler Made Oven Makes Perfect Pizza, Outdoors

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Designed by Dutch maker and pizza-baker Pieter Städler, this outdoor oven is designed for wood-fired cooking. Made entirely of ¼” steel sheets it is portable & easy to assemble. When not in use it stores flat. The cooking surface is a stone baking board, transferring the heat & aroma of the wood directly into your crispy crust pizza. A funded Kickstarter.

Weber’s Summit Charcoal Grill 24 Does It All & Then Some at

Weber’s Summit Charcoal Grill 24 Does It All & Then Some

The Summit Charcoal Grill has all bases covered this summer. You can grill a whole chicken, sear the perfect steak, or quickly convert it into a smoker. With electric ignition, it offers the convenience of a push-button start & rapid heat-up. Weber’s array of Gourmet BBQ System (GBS) accessories including a griddle, wok, steam basket, & pizza stone add even more versatility.

Traeger Adds App-Driven Control to Their Newest Wood-Fired Grills at

Traeger Adds App-Driven Control to Their Newest Wood-Fired Grills

Whether your plan is to grill, smoke, sear, bake, roast, braise, or BBQ, the Timberline grill is built to deliver consistent temperatures. It’s constructed with a double-wall, commercial-grade stainless interior and features an airtight lid gasket. Its pill-shaped barrel provides enough room for 3-tier grilling, meaning more food cooking simultaneously. The WiFIRE control system gives you the freedom to change temps, set timers, and connect socially all from the Traeger App. Available in 2 sizes.

The Elite 900 Grill Combines Natural Wood Pellet Flavor & Digital Precision at

The Elite 900 Grill Combines Natural Wood Pellet Flavor & Digital Precision

With digital heat control the Z Grills Elite 900 is a 22K BTU wood pellet grill that delivers precision cooking temperatures and gourmet results whether you’re grilling, smoking, roasting, searing, braising or barbecuing. For your desired flavor profile, choose from apple, cherry, or oak wood pellets. It features high quality stainless steel construction and heavy duty rolling casters, for a long life in your backyard. Backed by a 3-year warranty.

Char-Broil Smartchef Grill at

Char-Broil Smartchef Grill

The Smartchef TRU-Infrared Gas Grill has features you’ll find on most pro-sumer BBQs: stainless steel burners, porcelain coated grates for easy cleaning & a sideburner for cooking w/pots and pans. It even has illuminated LED knobs for night grilling. But what sets it apart are its built-in sensors and probes that connect with a smartphone app, allowing you to precisely monitor your meat remotely.

PK360 Grill & Smoker at

PK360 Grill & Smoker

The PK360 is a premium charcoal grill and smoker made of cast aluminum—the winning choice of pros for the past three SCA World Championship Steak awards 2014, ’15, &’ 16. It offers 360-inches of cooking surface, a removable tower stand and shelves, & it offers 2 zone cooking capability.

FireDisc Carbon Steel Grills at

FireDisc Carbon Steel Grills

The FireDisc Carbon Steel was designed as a simple, portable propane-powered outdoor cooker that delivers at-home kitchen results anywhere you take it. In addition to the original model, a new shallow wok-style model (shown) is available in 24” or 36” heights, featuring a 22” diameter stainless cook surface & 3-zone temp control.

Volcano Grill at

Volcano Grill

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Very versatile; the Volcano Grill burns wood, charcoal & optionally propane. Plus, in addition to grilling, you can get accessories to make it work as an oven, smoker, fryer and griddle. Or, you can use it as a portable fire pit. Generous venting means high cook temps while the double-wall metal construction means very little heat transfer, making it safe for use on the patio or tabletop.

Grillo at Grillo at


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Italian design meets the portable grill and it cooks as good as it looks. With a unique tripod design that features an easy-to-light stainless steel mesh “fire hammock” beneath a collapsible cook top, the Grillo folds up into a slender package for easy portability.

Traeger 2016 Pro Series 34 at

Traeger 2016 Pro Series 34

Here’s how you transition from backyard barbecuer to full-on pit master. The Pro Series 34 is built with Traeger’s beefy pro body sawhorse chassis and boasts a massive 884 square-inch grilling surface: enough to fit 24 burgers, 6 chickens, 32 hotdogs, & 9 rib racks. It rolls on all-terrain wheels and includes an easy-clean pellet hopper that lets you change pellet flavors on the fly.

Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill at

Coyote Asado Freestanding Ceramic Grill

Many pit masters prefer a ceramic grill, due to the material’s ability to consistently hold heat. The charcoal-burning Coyote Asado Freestanding ceramic grill features a dual vent system for precision heating & gives you 254 inches of cooking space to smoke, grill, & sear. It stands on a stainless steel rolling cart that features wooden side shelves.

The Relic Mobile Brick Oven at

The Relic Mobile Brick Oven

If you’ve been pondering how to take your brick oven cooking skills on the road, the Relic has you covered; it’s a portable brick oven with a stylish, durable, modular & most importantly, mobile design. The combination of a built-in firebox & lightweight dome create temps between 800-1100 degrees—exactly what you want for perfect brick oven pizza. The Relic fits directly onto 22” kettle-style grills like Weber’s Silver & Gold models.

Po’ Man Charcoal Grill at

Po’ Man Charcoal Grill

Sure, it looks like a trash can but it cooks as good as any high-end grill. The Po’ Man is a simple and solid charcoal grill with the capacity to cook more meat than you can shake a skewer at. It is vented from the bottom where the coal box sits beneath the adjustable-level steel grill grates.

M1 Grill at

M1 Grill

M Grills are made in Texas using high quality 10-gauge steel & the M1 backyard cooker is built like a tank to deliver gold medal results whether you’re smoking, searing or grilling. It features an adjustable height charcoal grate, a welded firebox, all stainless steel grates, and a American-made Tel-Tru thermometer accurate to within 1 degree.