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Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Travel at

Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Travel

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Jump behind the wheel of a vintage Mercedes-Benz SL and speed top-down through the Italian countryside or France’s Côte d‘Azur on a 4-day driving tour. Mercedes offers these fully planned & guided tours, allowing you to chart scenic routes and pass through cultural hotspots as well as offering unique, sophisticated lodging options.

Docastaway at


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If you’re ready to take the leap from exotic “getaway” to “castaway” level adventure, there’s a travel company that can take you there. Docastaway offers Robinson Crusoe style trips where they drop you off on a remote & deserted tropical island. Choose either Adventure or more cushy Comfort mode trips in the Philippines, Central America & Indonesia.

Skylodge Adventure Suites at

Skylodge Adventure Suites

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The sky-scraping peaks of Peru make it one of the world’s foremost destinations for mountain adventure. And if you’re looking to take your vacation to an even more extreme level, how ’bout spending a night or two in a glass pod strapped to the side of a mountain? This adrenalized experience is offered by Skylodge Adventure Suites; their 24-foot long aluminum & glass suites are suspended over Cuzco, Peru’s Sacred Valley, giving intrepid guests a scenic 300º view of the valley below.

Air Combat USA at

Air Combat USA

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If you always wanted to fly a fighter jet but couldn’t find one on Craigslist, Air Combat USA can help. They offer tours that put you in the cockpit of a Marchetti SF260 fighter jet for an afternoon of aerial combat. Instructor pilots back you up as you pull gut-twisting G-forces & acrobatic maneuvers. Cameras mounted to the plane catch your flight from multiple angles for the souvenir video. Locations nationwide.