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It's that crazy time of the year. One day you spend three hours pinned to the couch in a turkey-induced coma then wake up the next day and it's the holidays. Yup, the clock is ticking. Can you get it together this year? We hope so. We're making it so easy you could actually slip back into that turkey coma for a bit longer if you want to. We've got a Gift List that's like a remote control for shopping. So just lay there, man. We got you. Every gift on our holiday hit list is under fifty bucks.

Prometheus: The Art of the Film at
Prometheus: The Art of the Film

Ridley Scott’s latest sci-fi blockbuster Prometheus digs deeper into the Alien epic and this new hardcover brings fans behind the scenes of this cutting-edge production, featuring a foreword from the filmmaker himself, production art, and loads of behind the scenes photos.

BUY IT   $24.44 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

The Godfather Monopoly at
The Godfather Monopoly

On a rainy afternoon or after a few drinks, playing Monopoly can be a good time. But honestly, this classic board game really needed an update. Well, that’s exactly what it got with the release of the all-new The Godfather Collector’s Edition. Redesigned to commemorate the mob movie’s 40th anniversary this new version of the game is straight gangster.

BUY IT   $39.95 Categories: Gear

A Book of Beards at
A Book of Beards

Justin James Muir has just self-published A Book Of Beards. The photo book is a collection of 86 crisp, black and white portraits of men with remarkable facial hair. But it’s more than just a beautiful book celebrating weird beards, it’s a non-profit project that benefits the author’s friend, brother and other cancer patients and survivors through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

BUY IT   $45 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Craftsman Lighted Pliers at
Craftsman Lighted Pliers

These lighted pliers from Craftsman feature a super-bright LED light that helps you see clearly what you’re about cut or grab. Simple isn’t it? Better than holding a torch with your teeth. Dentists don’t recommend that.

BUY IT   $19.99 Categories: Gear, Tools

Oceania by The Smashing Pumpkins at
Oceania by The Smashing Pumpkins

In their heyday, The Smashing Pumpkins were mockingly called The Monkees of the grunge era, the REO Speedwagon of the 90s. And yet their songs are some the era’s most memorable. With Billy Corgan still fronting the band, Oceania is their first new album in 5 years. And you can bet that the critics are going to be a lot nicer now.

BUY IT   $8.99 Categories: Media, Music

Aliens – Colonial Marines Technical Manual at
Aliens – Colonial Marines Technical Manual

Most of us just had a youthful infatuation with Sigourney Weaver but for those among us who are more into the fantastic “world” of Aliens with its weaponry and dazzling sci-fi technology, this book is its own kind of porn.

BUY IT   $11.72 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Vintage Golf Club Bottle Opener at
Vintage Golf Club Bottle Opener

A bad swing that results in snapping the head off a driver is a golf tradition as old as the game itself. Now these casualties of the game come back to life at the 19th hole. Handmade from real vintage clubs, each bottle opener is one-of-a-kind.

BUY IT   $34 Categories: Bar Ware, Golf

Fooling Houdini at
Fooling Houdini

Apparently there’s more to magic than macho man Criss Angel’s silly TV tricks. In Fooling Houdini: Magicians, Mentalists, Math Geeks, and the Hidden Powers of the Mind, writer Alex Stone explores the strange and fascinating underground world of magic.

BUY IT   $16.19 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Slim Timber Wood Wallet at
Slim Timber Wood Wallet

If these wooden wallets kind of remind you of that wooden one-hitter called a Dugout, you’re not alone. But instead of a brass bat and some heady nugs, these are made for carrying cards and cash. Made from a single piece of maple or walnut, they hold up to 8 credit cards and feature a leather strap magnetic closure.

BUY IT   $45 Categories: Gear, Wallets

Jac Zagoory Pen Holders at
Jac Zagoory Pen Holders

Jac Zagoory Pen HoldersThat coffee cup full of plastic pens on your desk should be replaced with something more reflective of your professional goals. Something like a pewter monkey pen holder to cradle your fine writing implement. Desk art designer Jac Zagoory makes this and much more.

BUY IT   $41-250 Categories: Gear, Work
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