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Q Rapping Paper at
Q Rapping Paper

If you don’t know already, QR codes are basically bar codes your phone can read. Download a scanning app, scan, and you’re instantly linked to websites & e-commerce checkout lines. But this interactive wrapping paper pattern features codes that link to funny Christmas videos, so the poor soul who gets your re-gifted white elephant surprise can at least have some fun before ripping into the gift.

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Family Guy: It’s A Trap!

It’s coming! More Family Guy Star Wars fun. Get the details at

Categories: Media, Movies

Doane Paper at
Doane Paper

You may be a designer, engineer, programmer, manager or marketer – but meetings are a fact of life. You might as well have the proper pad for the countless hours of doodling & scribbling you do each week. Whether you’re drawing caricatures of your boss, writing a rough draft of your résumé or just counting up the number of times the newest buzzword is used, this lined & gridded paper is perfect.

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GripTip at

By now, you’ve learned enough to remember “measure twice & cut once.”  Easier said than done.  Especially, when you’re feeding the tape up into the rafters or halfway across the kitchen. Get this handy tip for the end of your tape measure and keep the tab steady while you pull. You’ll get the job done without teaching your kids (or the neighborhood kids for that matter) more four letter words.

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Moon at

Alone on the dark side of the moon. No, not Pink Floyd. Moon is a cerebral 2009 sci-fi film following Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) as he wraps up a three-year contract of harvesting Helium-3 on the moon. His only company is a computer with Kevin Spacey’s voice and occasional video chats with his wife on earth. There are no alien creatures, no manly damsels, Sam is all alone and the solitude is starting to get to him. But wait, is he alone?

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Zippo Hand Warmer at
Zippo Hand Warmer

Easy bud, it’s not a lighter for Cheech & Chong size doobies. It’s actually a hand warmer. So, as the cold winter months set in, you’ll want to light it up. Once you do, this sturdy steel unit warms up staying toasty for 12 hours. Just slide it into your pocket & stay outside to play this winter.

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Tron Legacy Soundtrack by Daft Punk

Tron Legacy Soundtrack by Daft PunkFans of the original 1982 Tron film and those of you frothing for the new release, Tron Legacy, will want to get this Original Soundtrack from legendary French electronic dance duo, Daft Punk. The mysterious electro pioneers created a sweeping 22 track score with beats, blips, bass & vast symphonic soundscapes fit for this massive Disney movie re-make.

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The Very Many Varieties of Beer Poster at
The Very Many Varieties of Beer Poster

The days of hanging “beer stuff” on the walls ended when you left the dorms. But now that you’ve got a Man Room in the house, you can do it again. This time around it won’t be a neon Corona sign, because that won’t fly with the lady in your life. But this might. This handsome, hand-numbered poster shows the family tree of beer varieties and is printed on recycled, archival stock paper. Let her pick the frame and you’re good.

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Zipbuds at

Zippers make everything easier. With Zipbuds, it means keeping your headphone wires untangled, so you can just press play and dip into your own world instantly. Instead of fumbling, you just unzip and go – it seems so obvious. Kinda makes you wonder why the zipper hasn’t been integrated into the bra strap yet … doesn’t it?

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Propane Tanknanny at
Propane Tanknanny

Call it homeland security. Just strap your propane tank into the Tanknanny for peace of mind, while transporting dangerous cargo. Not only will it keep grease & rust stains off your leather interior, it can also keep you from becoming the next car bomb statistic on the nightly news.

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