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Rocketfish Sound Prism for iPad at
Rocketfish Sound Prism for iPad

The onboard speaker in your iPad sucks. If you want to hear the movie, your music, or your lady when you FaceTime, the Sound Prism bluetooth speaker is a good add-on. It also happens to be designed to fit neatly into your Smart Cover, too.

BUY IT   $49.99 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Incase Box Case at
Incase Box Case

As you can see, this rubberized iPhone case is square. Innovative, right? You could also say the design is quite minimalist except for that giant embossed INCASE logo. If you’re cool with that though, it is a pretty clean case for your beloved device.

BUY IT   $29.95 Categories: Gear

To the Last Breath: A Memoir of Going to Extremes at
To the Last Breath: A Memoir of Going to Extremes

Most of us just entertain the occasional daydream about climbing the world’s highest peaks or surfing the seven seas. Georgetown physics professor Francis Slakey actually did it. You’re unlikely to follow in his footsteps but with his book, To The Last Breath, you can at least read about it.

BUY IT   $15 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Ice Core Beer Pitcher at
Ice Core Beer Pitcher

The last beer from the pitcher is always the worst. Warm and stanky. But, if you get this Ice Core pitcher, the last beer won’t just be cold and crisp, it will whet your whistle for the inevitable refill.

BUY IT   $17.49 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Patagonia Wild Salmon Jerky at
Patagonia Wild Salmon Jerky

This smoked salmon jerky from Patagonia—not the place in South America but the brand, would seem to present a bit of a conflict with the brand’s eco-minded marketing. But it’s not. Working with sustainable fisheries & First Nations fishermen in Canada, Patagonia is producing jerky that’s not just tasty, it’s good, too.

BUY IT   $12.50 Categories: Food, Host

Huberd’s Shoe Grease at
Huberd’s Shoe Grease

If your program involves kicking nothing but ass, you’ll want to protect your boots. Huberd’s Shoe Grease is what you need. This American-made beeswax formula leather protector has been keeping logging boots dry in the Pacific Northwest since 1921.

BUY IT   $7 Categories: Gear

50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener at
50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is made from a real 50 caliber bullet casing but it’s going to do more than just blast the top off your bottles. Made exclusively for the Bullets2Bandages charity, sales of this product directly benefit wounded war veterans.

BUY IT   $19.99 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Industry City Distillery Vodka at
Industry City Distillery Vodka

The Notorious B.I.G. will always be Brooklyn’s best export but these days, Industry City Distillery is on the grind trying to make their name known. This new crew is producing a distinctive vodka derived from beet root sugar in the city’s renovated Bush Terminal industrial complex. They are the first vodka distillery to set up shop in the city in the last hundred years.

BUY IT   $20.99 Categories: Drink, Host

The John Wayne Film Collection at
The John Wayne Film Collection

John Wayne was and is among the greatest Hollywood icons to ever grace the silver screen. Now the 10 biggest films from this larger-than-life cowboy have been collected into a complete set. They include:The Big Trail, Red River, Legend Of The Lost, The Horse Soldiers, Oscar-nominee The Alamo, and more.

BUY IT   $44.99 Categories: Media, Movies

Driven at

Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, was an awesome movie. Good and violent. But, did you know it was actually based on a novel by James Sallis? If you want to find out what Driver has been up to since he pulled out of that parking lot in the final scene of the flick, you can read the sequel, Driven. Either that or wait until the movie comes out. Eventually, you know it will.

BUY IT   $9.35 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media
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