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DQM + Cliché Skatedeck Corkscrew at
DQM + Cliché Skatedeck Corkscrew

Poor skateboarding. Once young, wild and immune to the influence of anything but the underground, it has now reached middle age. New York “skate boutiques” now collab with French board brands to foist hip products like corkscrews made from recycled decks on an aging population of ex-skaters. So what if you can’t to kickflip anymore as long as you can corkscrew, right? via

BUY IT   $15 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Torani Chicken ‘N Waffles Syrup at
Torani Chicken ‘N Waffles Syrup

Here’s a Torani syrup you’re not likely to get pumped into your Starbucks latté but their Chicken ‘N Waffles flavored syrup might taste quite good drizzled on your buttered biscuits or actual chicken ‘n waffles. Who knows, your pregnant wife might even want to do some shots of it.

BUY IT   $6.95 Categories: Food, Host

Totally MAD: 60 Years of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity at
Totally MAD: 60 Years of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity

The genius of Mad Magazine is that for its entire 60-year run it has disguised itself as “stupid kid’s stuff” while delivering some of America’s most honest and biting social satire. This retrospective collects the best, most memorable, and iconic work from Mad’s artists and writers aka “the usual gang of idiots” in a colorful, 256-page hardcover edition.

BUY IT   $20.44 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

PostalPix Aluminum Prints at
PostalPix Aluminum Prints

Nobody really wants to look over your shoulder as you scroll through the photos on your phone. So, download the PostalPix app for your iPhone or Android device and you can turn your pixels into prints with the press of a button. And they’re not standard paper prints, PostalPix can be printed on aluminum. Bright, metallic, rigid, totally worthy of wall hanging.

BUY IT   $ Varies Categories: Decor, Space

Canned Guitar Picks at
Canned Guitar Picks

A sardine can packed with 20 high-quality 1mm guitar picks will ensure you’ve always got a pick to play and don’t worry they won’t leave your fingers smelling like fish.

BUY IT   $12 Categories: Gear

Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection at
Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection

It’s often hard to make conversation with those adult men of your generation who are still proudly displaying their Star Wars action figures. If you want to strike up a convo with one of these guys, perusing this book might give you some common ground for dialogue. If you happen to have one of these odd fellows in your family, this definitive book on Star Wars memorabilia is the perfect gift.

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Caffeinated Cracker Jacks at
Caffeinated Cracker Jacks

As classic junkfood snacks like Twinkies and Ding Dongs—unchanged for generations—slide into obscurity in the age of energy drinks, it’s cool to see the old-timey Cracker Jacks get a marketing makeover. The update to Cracker Jack’d includes a hefty dose of caffeine to spice up new flavors like Spicy Pizzeria, Cheddar BBQ, & Cocoa Java. That’s right, caffeine Cracker Jacks. How’s that for a prize?

BUY IT   $11.22/case Categories: Food, Host

Coaching Confidential: Inside the Fraternity of NFL Coaches at
Coaching Confidential: Inside the Fraternity of NFL Coaches

Even if your love of playing the game was spoiled by some prick high school coach, you’re probably still a fan & you can still learn a thing or two about how professional coaches lead their teams. Through a series of interviews with 20 NFL head coaches, this book creates a composite portrait of a year in the life of the game’s best coaches.

BUY IT   $17.16 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

minibru Coffee Mug at
minibru Coffee Mug

Space stations, petri dish sheep, the God particle; technology is super-advanced & utterly amazing, so why did it take so long to develop the single-cup French press? Who knows, but now it’s here. Drink up.

BUY IT   $25 Categories: Kitchen, Space

360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story at
360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story

Pre-internet, record companies were huge. They were the star-makers and few were as influential as Columbia. With a roster of legends including chartbusters from Frank Sinatra to Bob Dylan to Beyoncé, Columbia is responsible for some of the greatest music ever sold. This book chronicles the label’s history & includes over 300 rare photos.

BUY IT   $25.56 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media
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