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The Samurai Trilogy Criterion Collection Blu-ray at
The Samurai Trilogy Criterion Collection Blu-ray

Love stories are better with battles and blood. That’s exactly what you’ll get with The Samurai Trilogy. This Criterion release includes three classic Japanese warrior films from the 50s, all digitally restored: Duel at Ichijoji Temple, Musashi Miyamoto, and Duel at Ganryu Island.

BUY IT   $47.96 Categories: Media, Movies

Wild Idea Buffalo Company at
Wild Idea Buffalo Company

Saying you just ate a buffalo burger or a bison steak sounds pretty badass. But what’s even better is that buffalo is healthier than beef, chicken, and even fish due to its high protein, low fat content. Wild Idea Buffalo Company’s 100-percent grass-fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free meats are even healthier. Wild Idea offers steaks, ground meat, sausages, ribs, even jerky. Source

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PackBack at

At just 3 oz., the incredibly packable PackBack is a great back-up bag for travel. Just throw it in your luggage. It’s also big enough to carry everything you need for a day hike or a quick run to the market.

BUY IT   $26.95 Categories: Bags, Gear

Hobo Tin Can Beer Holders at
Hobo Tin Can Beer Holders

Your 40-ounce of Olde English malt liquor and bottles of Wild Irish Rose won’t fit in these Hobo Tin Can Beer Holders, but regular 12-ounce beers will. They’re made of upcycled materials and available with a hand-stamped name plaque so the other hobos won’t try to swoop on your drink.

BUY IT   $16 Categories: Gear

We Are Anonymous at
We Are Anonymous

Until cyber-hacktivists Anonymous came along, hackers were just the stuff of urban legend and IT-guy lore. But Anonymous has made a global impact by successfully targeting corporations like Visa, the Vatican, Fox, and Master Card and screwing with them. This book reveals the details and players behind this growing global cyber insurgency movement.

BUY IT   $16.35 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Hone at

If you lose your keys more often than you lose your phone, the Hone might be a big help. It’s a low energy device that connects to your keys and when signaled by your Hone iPhone app, it makes the fob light up and vibrate so you can find your keys and get going.

BUY IT   $49 Categories: Gadgets, Tech

Spaceballs 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray at
Spaceballs 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray

Mel Brooks’ classic Star Wars spoof Spaceballs just turned 25. With a cast including John Candy, Brooks as Yogurt, Rick Moranis as Dark Helmet, Bill Pullman, and others, this updated Blu-ray disc will rocket you back in time to planet Stupid. May the Schwartz be with you.

BUY IT   $18.96 Categories: Media, Movies

Curly Hot Dog Roasters at
Curly Hot Dog Roasters

It takes skill and patience to properly roast a dog over the fire. So when you’re perfectly done dog drops into the coals it’s rather sad. The design of these 34-inch long curly campfire forks will ensure that your weiner never falls into fire.

BUY IT   $22 Categories: Camping, Gear

Beer – A Cookbook at
Beer – A Cookbook

When guys cook, many of us cook with beer. But we’re drinking it. This book contains over 40 recipes that actually use beer as an ingredient. We know how good it goes with everything else, so why not pour some into your dinner?

BUY IT   $10.36 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Original Thai Red Bull Energy Drink at
Original Thai Red Bull Energy Drink

In its early days there were lots of urban myths about the ingredients in Red Bull. Bull’s blood, bull hormone extracts, etc. None of them were true. In fact, the original formula doesn’t even have Taurine, which is a mainstay of the American formula. Even still, this original stuff is said to be 3-4 times stronger.

BUY IT   $1.90 Categories: Drink, Host
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