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The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray at
The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray

The dark and gritty underbelly of Gotham City will be crisp and clear in this forthcoming Blu-ray box set of The Dark Knight Trilogy. The set includes epic versions of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, & The Dark Knight Rises. Available December 4.

BUY IT   $37.09 Categories: Media, Movies

Francis Ford Coppola: 5-Film Collection at
Francis Ford Coppola: 5-Film Collection

If you want to put your new HD jumbo flatscreen and theater surround sound to the ultimate test, cop this new box set of 5 films from groundbreaking director Francis Ford Coppola. Then pop in Apocalypse Now Redux, and hold on tight.

BUY IT   $26.86 Categories: Media, Movies

The Rolling Stones 50 at
The Rolling Stones 50

No band in history has had the staying power and enduring energy of The Rolling Stones. The group has been rocking steady since 1962. To mark their 50-year milestone, this new book—curated and narrated by the band themselves is a massive tome stacked with rare Stones photos, history, stories and over 1000 illustrations.

BUY IT   $37.80 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Blue Apron Meal Delivery at
Blue Apron Meal Delivery

Grocery shopping is a huge waste of time, especially when your cooking skill amounts to putting a frozen container in the microwave. Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that eliminates wasted time and the riddle of what’s for dinner. They deliver fresh ingredients and recipes weekly, all of them nutritious alternatives to microwaving or Mickey D’s.

BUY IT   $9.99 per meal Categories: Food, Host

Prinstant Replays at
Prinstant Replays

If it weren’t for the well-trained eyes of real refs, the classic NFL and college football plays depicted in this art poster series would have been bungled. Confusion on the field turns miracles moments into mis-calls. These 11 X 14 posters illustrate the glory of the game when the officials are official.

BUY IT   $19.99 Categories: Decor, Space

WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver at
WORX Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

Getting through the long list of Saturday morning household tasks should be done with maximum speed and efficiency. Why waste time screwing around? This semi-automatic screwdriver features a rapid bit index that lets you screw, rotate, reload and quickly pull the trigger on the next screwing, drilling, or countersinking job.

BUY IT   $49.99 Categories: Gear, Tools

Eli Roth’s Goretorium at
Eli Roth’s Goretorium

The Goretorium, brainchild of actor-director Eli Roth, is a horror-themed hotel—the first of its kind—opening this week in Las Vegas. Spattered with blood and strewn with severed body parts, the 60s-era hotel has been transformed into a Freddie Kreuger-eque fantasyland staffed by actors whose job is to scare the snot out of you when you least expect it using a mix of high-tech and low-brow horror movie scare tactics.  Source

BUY IT   $35 Categories: Escape

Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story at
Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story

Arnold Schwarzenegger has packed a lot into his life. By just 21, the young Austrian bodybuilder was crowned Mr. Universe. Then he became Conan and starred in a string of blockbuster movies, later he morphed into a Republican and became California’s Governator. Then of course, came the scandal. Now comes Total Recall, Schwarzenegger’s incredible life story, in his own words.

BUY IT   $18.81 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Brazil Criterion Collection Blu-ray at
Brazil Criterion Collection Blu-ray

Good movies are even better on Blu-ray. Everything is intensified: the audio, the clarity. For this Hi-Def Criterion Collection version of the Terry Gilliam directed 1985 cult-classic Brazil the weird will seem even weirder. It’s a dark, futuristic thriller. Have a laugh at the horror of things to come. Available December 4.

BUY IT   $34.97 Categories: Media, Movies

Stu’s This Is Bloody Mary Mix at
Stu’s This Is Bloody Mary Mix

A good Bloody Mary is supposed to launch you right past the hangover from the night before with a spicy, salty snap that buries the generous dose of vodka you most desperately need on Sunday morning. Instead of fumbling with your own ill-fated attempt at concocting the proper mix of spice, pour in some Stu’s and forget about it.

BUY IT   $8 Categories: Drink, Host
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