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Embassy Pen at
Embassy Pen

At many embassies, these pens are filled with invisible ink … but not this one. If you’re not signing treaties and extradition orders, you’ll appreciate its Fisher SPR4 ink for easy refills. The sturdy aluminum body, with gnurled non-slip grip, is also great for civilian use when signing things like mortgage documents & pre-nupts where sweaty hands can be an issue.

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lighTIN Beer Can Light at
lighTIN Beer Can Light

British furniture designer, Thomas Stanley, is a man’s man. While enjoying a nice foamy Guinness in a “widget” can, a lightbulb went off in Stanley’s head and the lighTIN was born. This eco-friendly design is made of mostly recycled materials and delivers bright, long-lasting light from an LED bulb. And if Guinness is a little too heavy for you, the lighTIN also comes in Stella, Heineken & Foster’s designs.

BUY IT   $45 Categories: Lighting, Space

Toothbrush Subscription at
Toothbrush Subscription

As life gets more & more idiot-proof, the smarter we all feel. How about getting a new toothbrush delivered in the mail, on schedule every three months? Yup, one less thing to think about. What’s even wiser is that your new toothbrush is BPA-free and made of recycled yogurt cups. You can also drop the old one in with all your #5 recycling. You’ll be doing good and impressing your dentist, all without having to think.

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The iBottleopener at
The iBottleopener

Do you want to drive your “recovering” friend to the point of insanity? Just get him on speakerphone during his AA meeting and use your iBottleOpener to crack a beer in his ear. The thirst-quenching pop will ruin him. It’s the perfect payback for what he said to your girlfriend that one time. The bastard deserves it. He really does.

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Industrial Edition Playing Cards at
Industrial Edition Playing Cards

It would seem designer, Homer Liwag, created these industrial-strength playing cards for a dark sci-fi movie set in a casino or prison of the future. But, he made them for the real world. With thick card stock and the look of stamped military steel, you’ll think you’re betting to save the remains of the human race or some such futuristic weirdness.

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Wool Beer Cozy at
Wool Beer Cozy

Granddad always swore by wool – it’s the greatest natural insulator there is. The old guy also knew a thing or two about throwing back a few cold ones. Now, remix granddad’s wisdom with the beer cozy. The wool blend keeps your beverage cold and your hand warm. You don’t have to be some book smart college boy to see the sense in that.

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Intacto at

Lottery tickets, betting on the big games, or taking the annual trip to Vegas – it’s all fun & games. Playing the odds is a thrill and sometimes luck even feels like skill. But in the 2001 Spanish thriller, Intacto, the stakes are much higher and nobody’s smiling. Four people tangled up in a strange, clandestine gambling ring are betting with their lives to come out ahead of the house. Even if you never bet a dime, we’ll bet several scenes in this movie will make you sweat.

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Q Rapping Paper at
Q Rapping Paper

If you don’t know already, QR codes are basically bar codes your phone can read. Download a scanning app, scan, and you’re instantly linked to websites & e-commerce checkout lines. But this interactive wrapping paper pattern features codes that link to funny Christmas videos, so the poor soul who gets your re-gifted white elephant surprise can at least have some fun before ripping into the gift.

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Family Guy: It’s A Trap!

It’s coming! More Family Guy Star Wars fun. Get the details at

Categories: Media, Movies

Doane Paper at
Doane Paper

You may be a designer, engineer, programmer, manager or marketer – but meetings are a fact of life. You might as well have the proper pad for the countless hours of doodling & scribbling you do each week. Whether you’re drawing caricatures of your boss, writing a rough draft of your résumé or just counting up the number of times the newest buzzword is used, this lined & gridded paper is perfect.

BUY IT   $8.95 Categories: Gear, Work
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