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It's that crazy time of the year. One day you spend three hours pinned to the couch in a turkey-induced coma then wake up the next day and it's the holidays. Yup, the clock is ticking. Can you get it together this year? We hope so. We're making it so easy you could actually slip back into that turkey coma for a bit longer if you want to. We've got a Gift List that's like a remote control for shopping. So just lay there, man. We got you. Every gift on our holiday hit list is under fifty bucks.

Triumph & Disaster Grooming Products at
Triumph & Disaster Grooming Products

Look for logos featuring crossed swords, arrows, or axes and a name that includes an ampersand, and you can be pretty sure the product is classic and made for the discerning modern man. That’s precisely the case with this line of natural grooming products from New Zealand, launched by former cricket superstar Dion Nash. via

BUY IT   $12-165 Categories: Groom

101 Essential Rock Records at
101 Essential Rock Records

With a list of co-authors including David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Johnny Marr & Peter Buck this hardcover guide to 101 essential rock records from the 60s & 70s is sure to shed light on some stuff you’ve never heard before as well as the most celebrated music of the era.

BUY IT   $26.37 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Gestalt Belt Buckles at
Gestalt Belt Buckles

Made from stainless steel and featuring all types of etched designs, Gestalt belt buckles add an element of style and artistic flair to your upper groinal zone while keeping your pants in their proper place.

BUY IT   $40 Categories: Accessories, Wear

StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers at
StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers

The perpetual annoyance of losing stuff like your car keys, TV remote, or children could be over. The StickNFind sticker emits a bluetooth signal, allowing you to use your iPhone or Android device to track down anything you put a StickNFind sticker on.

BUY IT   $35 Categories: Gadgets, Tech

Mafia Prince at
Mafia Prince

Considering the steady stream of mafia tell-all books, the mob was full of snitches & rats. Instead of living by the code, these cowards turned state’s evidence & now just earn book royalties. The story of this slimy weasel Little Nicky Scarfo, the mob’s youngest-ever underboss, is one that led to the conviction of big boys like John Gotti, Vincent Gigante, and his own uncle Nicky Scarfo, marking the beginning of the end for La Cosa Nostra.

BUY IT   $15.80 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Jimi Hendrix: People, Hell & Angels at
Jimi Hendrix: People, Hell & Angels

This new collection of never-before-released Jimi Hendrix tracks is not like one of those bogus Beatles “forgotten tapes” records. The 12 included songs are legit studio recordings of Hendrix playing with musicians outside the Jimi Hendrix Experience in ’68 & ’69. Guys like Buddy Miles & Billy Cox, with whom he’d later record the Band Of Gypsies album. It’s the real deal.

BUY IT   $12.99 Categories: Media, Music

Homemade Gin Kit at
Homemade Gin Kit

Magicians are lame. Who cares about pulling a rabbit from a hat? If you want to see a real magic trick, buy this kit. In just 36 hours it’ll turn any run-of-the-mill vodka into 2 spicy, aromatic bottles of gin.

BUY IT   $39.95 Categories: Drink, Host

Snow Peak Ozen Solo Table at
Snow Peak Ozen Solo Table

Some backpackers are perfectly happy to eat their dehydrated meals from the bag for days on end. Others prefer to elevate the wilderness dining experience. If you fall into the latter category, this 12oz., pack-flat aluminum camping table will be a must for your backcountry cooking kit. via

BUY IT   $49.95 Categories: Camping, Gear

Pen Zen at
Pen Zen

Unless you’ve developed a special fondness for that old coffee mug full of pens on your desk, you’ll agree that your writing utensils could be stored in something a bit more pro. Pen Zen is it. Made of bamboo with a clever design that holds your pens, pencils, & markers in an organized way, it also features hidden magnets to keep paperclips closeby.

BUY IT   $19.99 Categories: Gear, Work

At the Fights: Inside the World of Professional Boxing at
At the Fights: Inside the World of Professional Boxing

At the Fights: Inside the World of Professional BoxingBoxing has been almost completely overshadowed by the graphic bloodsport of UFC & MMA fighting, but what’s lacking in the cage is the artistry and purity of a toe-to-toe battle. Photographer Howard Schatz spent 6-years shooting boxing’s biggest stars, managers, trainers & more to capture incredible images for this oversized, hardcover book focused on the “art” of boxing.

BUY IT   $47.25 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media
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