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The Truck Food Cookbook at
The Truck Food Cookbook

Not long ago, dudes were the only ones daring enough to step to street meat but the advent of the gourmet gastro-truck in recent years has transformed street food from ghetto to fabulous. This book by food authority John T. Edge delivers 150 recipes from America’s best restaurants on wheels.

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Classic American Lawn Chairs at
Classic American Lawn Chairs

If you don’t want your classic Ray-Ban’s, original boat shoes and your vintage Bermuda shorts to clash with the lawn furniture, take a peek at these colorful, aluminum framed lawn chairs. Welcome back to 1965. Source

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Pink Floyd: The Story of Wish You Were Here at
Pink Floyd: The Story of Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here album was the 1975 follow-up to the band’s Dark Side Of The Moon and it instantly shot to #1 on the charts all over the world. This new Blu-ray video release compiles interviews and archive footage to show the band’s process of recording one of rock’s most enduring albums.

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Field Jerky at
Field Jerky

Saying jerky is jerky is like saying steak is steak. It just ain’t so. When it comes to beef, it’s all about the quality, the cut, the source—in other words, the details. Field brand makes ‘artisan crafted provisions’ and for their jerky they use only traditional top round cuts of beef and prepare it with no preservatives, no sodium, no MSG, and no sodium nitrate. Right now they offer three naturally awesome recipes: Original, Teriyaki, and Honey Spice.

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Christopher Nolan Director’s Collection at
Christopher Nolan Director’s Collection

Christopher Nolan directs dark, mental movies. If you enjoy his signature style in movies like Memento, Inception, & Insomnia or his pair of Batman films, The Dark Knight and Batman Begins; you’ll want to pre-order this soon-to-be-released limited edition Blu-ray box set. The widescreen, director’s cut versions of these movies are delivered exactly how Nolan envisioned them.

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CordLite Illuminated Charger Cable at
CordLite Illuminated Charger Cable

It’s not easy aiming the male end of your power supply into the female receptacle (on your phone) in the dark. The CordLite can remedy this problem. Using bright LED lights, this device lights up the hole allowing you pinpoint accuracy for the always-critical recharge insertion. This product is still in development but you can pre-order it now.

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Alien vs Predator a Book of Poetry at
Alien vs Predator a Book of Poetry

If the very word poetry sets your teeth on edge, you may just be the perfect audience for this new book of linguistic ninja vomit from low-brow postmodern poetic genius Michael Robbins. Alien Vs. Predator is a new collection from the young New Yorker-published poet who is turning bloody chunks of pop culture into art that regular poetry people are sure to hate. Photo credit: New York Times

A couple of excerpts…

On Sabbath, on Slayer, on Maiden

and Venom!

On Motorhead, Leppard, and

Zeppelin and Mayhem …

I wandered lonely as Jay-Z

after the Fat Boys called it quits,

before the rapper from Mobb Deep

met up with the Alchemist.

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Texas Grill Brush at
Texas Grill Brush

You’ve surely heard that everything is bigger in Texas. It applies not only to pickup trucks, women’s hairdos & crime rates but also to the big ol’ grill brushes from Texas Brushes. With long, hefty wooden or steel handles and crust busting stainless steel bristles, they’ll scrape your barbecue grill cleaner than a billygoat in a berry bush.

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Bolt Lock System at
Bolt Lock System

The Bolt Locks are badass. They use your vehicle key—almost any Ford, GM or Chrysler product— and the first time you insert and turn it, the lock learns your key. The Bolt Lock instantly sets itself to match that key and therefore allows you to use your unique, super-secure car or truck key for a variety of different locks. It’s simple & who isn’t stoked on simple? Source

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Beer Sleeve at
Beer Sleeve

Most sketchy liquor stores will give you a little brown paper bum bag for free when you buy a bottle, making it easy for you to drink in peace. Shipley & Halmos brand makes a lot stupidly cool stuff. This printed booze bag is another one of ’em.

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