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Ace Bottle Opener at
Ace Bottle Opener

If you’re a drinker and a gambler, you’ll feel like the luckiest guy alive every time you draw this card. Beer opener, stainless steel, wallet size, winning.

BUY IT   $11.95 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Radiator Booster at
Radiator Booster

Unless you find something strangely erotic about your lady cruising around the house in a Snuggie, maybe you should try these radiator boosters to beef up your underpowered radiant heating system. They mount directly to your heaters and blow heat from the wall out into the room where you want it. Source

BUY IT   $39.99 Categories: Space

Calepino Panoplie Writing Kit at
Calepino Panoplie Writing Kit

Calepino is kind of like the Field Notes of France. They make classic, round-cornered, pocket notebooks. But Calepino also makes pens and wooden pencils; all locally produced near Paris. The Panoplie collection includes 3 notebooks and a 6-pack each of the pencils and black ink M10 ballpoint pens.

BUY IT   $46 Categories: Gear, Work

Mobile Foodie Survival Kit at
Mobile Foodie Survival Kit

Cardboard is good for boxes but it’s not the greatest flavor for a sandwich. Or a soup. If you’ve got a Mobile Foodie Survival Kit in your pocket, you can give cardboard cuisine a dash of flavor with your own handy array of organic herbs and spices. They’re small, stackable and stashable.

BUY IT   $26 Categories: Food, Host

Whole Beast Butchery: The Complete Visual Guide to Beef, Lamb, and Pork at
Whole Beast Butchery: The Complete Visual Guide to Beef, Lamb, and Pork

Local heirloom free-range, organic, grass-fed, farm-to-table, cruelty-free edible mammals still have to be butchered. This book will show you how to do it right step-by-step. It might also have the effect of pushing you that one last step to vegetarianism. Sharpen your cleaver and find out.

BUY IT   $24.82 Categories: Uncategorized

Mail-Order Mysteries: Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads at
Mail-Order Mysteries: Real Stuff from Old Comic Book Ads

Did you really expect the X-Ray specs or laser gun plans you ordered from the back of your comic books to work? Of course you did. We all did. This book by pop culture writer & toy freak Kirk Demarais delves deep into the weird world of comic book chotchkes and where your $1.69 actually went.

BUY IT   $13.57 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Manly Man Soap Set at
Manly Man Soap Set

Here’s how simple guys are: call a product “Manly” and suddenly it looks better than any of its rivals. Maine-based natural soap maker Rocky Top knew exactly how to tap into that fear of fruitiness that pervades the male mind when shopping for grooming products.

BUY IT   $20 Categories: Groom, Skin

Boxee LiveTV Dongle at
Boxee LiveTV Dongle

The Boxee Box, like other set-top boxes for streaming video from Netflix & VUDU, etc, is a simple way to watch whatever you want, whenever. But what about regular old TV if you don’t have cable? Well,  this little plug & play device gives you easy access to basic live TV, in HD, without the need for a cable subscription. Awesome, right? Yes. But its name, The Dongle, that’s just plain genius. Boxee Dongle, really? Uh, yeah, we’ll take one. Source

BUY IT   $49 Categories: Tech, Television

Songbook: Chris Cornell at
Songbook: Chris Cornell

They said the 90s were going to make the 80s look like the 50s. Former 90s posterboy and Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell was a big part of that numerical rock revolution. After a sold-out tour last year, his new acoustic solo record shows that even after all these years, he still has plenty to say and play.

BUY IT   $9.99 Categories: Media, Music

Apple Design at
Apple Design

There’s a reason why people are fanatical about their Apple products and it’s not just because they’re better. You love these products in large part because they are designed to move you. This book features over 200 examples of outstanding design by Jonathan Ive, the company’s Senior VP of Industrial design and explores the brand’s approach to the design process.

BUY IT   $37.80 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media
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