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Ugmonk Leather Journal at
Ugmonk Leather Journal

Nobody cares what you write in your journal. That means freedom. So write whatever you want, whenever you want. Write a song. Write a list. Write a confession. It will all be recorded for posterity between the vegetable-tanned leather covers of this 7.5 X 5-inch journal. Made in the U.S.A.

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Brazil at

Ever heard the term “non-representational art”? If not, watch this movie for the definition. It’s a futuristic nightmare comedy, a dystopian satire. It was so bizarre in fact, director Terry Gilliam almost never saw its release. As the story goes, Universal Pictures felt the movie was too weird and delayed its release. So, Gilliam screened it for the LA Film Critics Assoc. They named it Picture Of The Year for 1985 and basically embarrassed Universal into releasing it.

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Lord Nut Levington Nuts at
Lord Nut Levington Nuts

So you like your nuts a little cheesy, do you? But, maybe your girl likes them sweet. Either way, piquant peanut pervert Lord Nut Levington makes a variety of flavored nuts for you to munch on: cheddar cheese & jalapeño, Bloody Mary & cinnamon are just a few of his specialties.

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Brass Knuckle Corkscrew at
Brass Knuckle Corkscrew

Isn’t it cute? Use this darling little corkscrew to open your reds, your whites, even your pinks (admit it). Just remember, if you mix and match, you’ll wake up the next morning feeling like you got sucker-punched with the business end of these Bourgeois Brass Knuckles.

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Formula 1 Grand Prix Posters at
Formula 1 Grand Prix Posters

If you follow F-1 racing, you know the season kicked off last week in Australia. Right now they’re racing in China, and next week it’s Turkey. For this global series, Artist PJ Tierney has designed a series of high impact graphic posters for each stop on the tour. These are A2 size, high-quality digital prints hand-signed by the artist. Going fast.

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Burger Baskets at
Burger Baskets

Hosting a backyard barbecue is fun until everyone splits and you’re stuck cleaning up. These plastic burger baskets cut down on dishes and clean up time. And in case you didn’t immediately notice, they are also colorful, fun and festive.

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Screw Push Pins at
Screw Push Pins

Nope, no powertools needed here. Because you don’t really screw with these; you just push them in gently. They’re thumbtacks, what else can we say?

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True Romance at
True Romance

In between directing the cult classics Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, Director Quentin Taratino wrote the screenplay for True Romance. It has just as much blood, maybe even more bullets than both. 90s Hollywood hotshots Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette lead a cast that includes Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper (RIP), Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson and more.

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This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx at
This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography and Life Through the Distorted Lens of Nikki Sixx

You must’ve read Motley Crue: The Dirt, maybe you even read Nikki Sixx’s tell-all drug book The Heroin Diaries. But did you know the Crüe’s rhythm guitarist was also a photographer?  His latest book, This Is Gonna Hurt is part photo book, part journal. In it, he bears his soul and shares his vision through stark photography and true stories of a life lived on the edge.

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Portotrash at

Be proud of your laziness. Celebrate it, cultivate it! If you want to do more while doing less, try this little countertop trash bag holder thingy. Super easy, using the ergonomic plastic handles, just clip the wire frame holder to your counter or workbench and use those leftover plastic grocery bags for trash.

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