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Bright Lights, No City at
Bright Lights, No City

Two well-meaning brothers with a business plan to do some good in Africa—by bringing light to remote regions of Ghana and thereby uplifting the local economy, had no idea what they were in for on their comical, entrepreneurial vision quest to the dark continent.

BUY IT   $14.86 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Star Wars Origami at
Star Wars Origami

Sure, kids love origami, but be honest, you’re the one with the Boba Fett fetish. This origami kit includes 36 Star Wars paper-folding projects with illustrated artwork taken right from the movies.

BUY IT   $9.90 Categories: Media

Jaws Blu-ray at
Jaws Blu-ray

Who would’ve ever guessed that nearly 40 years later, Jaws would remain one of the most beloved scary movies of all time? Probably nobody but the fact remains, Jaws still holds up. This digitally-remastered Blu-ray release is due out August 14th and includes a digital download copy plus an ultraviolet copy, deleted scenes, and more.

BUY IT   $19.96 Categories: Media, Movies

Rosle Pizza Wheel at
Rosle Pizza Wheel

You know your obsession with pizza is getting serious when an implement like this finds its way into your life. But this chromed-out pizza slicing device isn’t just elegant, it’s functional. A free-rolling blade distributes pressure perfectly across your pie or flatbread for perfect slices every time.

BUY IT   $28.99 Categories: Kitchen, Space

The Stump Cooler at
The Stump Cooler

How easy is it to fool the cops? You’re looking at the answer. This cooler disguised as a stump makes public consumption of alcohol a breeze plus it doubles as a seat so you can rest and enjoy a cold one.

BUY IT   $44.99 Categories: Gear

The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails at
The Gentleman’s Guide to Cocktails

As much as you like to drink drinks, when you get behind the bar to mix them, your repertoire is limited to about 3. The Gentleman’s Guide To Cocktails contains a whopping 150 recipes for you to work with. After all, if given a choice, your friends will probably drink something besides a vodka soda.

BUY IT   $17.95 Categories: Best Books for Men, Drink

Craftsman Figure Eight Wrench at
Craftsman Figure Eight Wrench

Eight different size wrench tools in one makes this thing at least eight times faster than plowing through your toolbox for the right size socket or box wrench. The Craftsman logo also means it has a lifetime guarantee.

BUY IT   $22.49 Categories: Gear, Tools

Wingman Wipes at
Wingman Wipes

When you know you should shower but you just can’t, Wingman Wipes get you through. These “male deodorizing wipes” are loaded with aloe, peppermint, & ginseng, made to remove grime, slime, and the unpleasant odor you’d rather not share.

BUY IT   $4-9.50 Categories: Groom

Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young at
Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young

Few legendary rock-n-rollers survive their history with passion and integrity intact. Neil Young is one of those few. Waging Heavy Peace is Young’s self-authored memoir and covers over 50 years of his incredible career.

BUY IT   $19.33 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

The Wrap Cable Organizer for iPhone Charger at
The Wrap Cable Organizer for iPhone Charger

Apple is pretty good at designing smart products but they blew it with their iPhone charger. Designer/engineer Michael Cornelissen Ontwerp improved on their design by creating this little doinklet that attaches to your iPhone charger and keeps the cord coiled up neatly.

BUY IT   $10 Categories: Gear
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