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Whiskey: A Global History at
Whiskey: A Global History

Scotch snobs might turn up their noses at Kevin Kosar’s short-and-to-the-point little book, Whiskey: A Global History. Mainly they take issue with the use of the “e” in spelling whiskey. Whatever. If your whiskey ego isn’t that well developed, you’ll appreciate this extensively researched hardcover that succinctly summarizes all the fundamental facts about whiskey you ever wanted to know.

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A Prophet at
A Prophet

When a movie is set in prison, you usually know what you’re getting into. Not the case with this one. Actor Tahar Rahim plays Malik, a young convict forced into killing and further crimes by the pressures of prison gangsters. Scamming his way through his sentence, Malik eventually ends up as the central player in a struggle for prison power between French, Corsican & Arab gangs.

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Elliot Dopp at
Elliot Dopp

You carry both your toothbrush and your deodorant in the same bag. Your comb, nail clippers, maybe even a balding product you don’t want to talk about? For these magical items, you need a bag that’s durable, won’t leak and is easy to clean. Constructed from recycled rubber tire innertubes, Seattle’s Alchemy Goods makes all kinds of unique up-cycled bags & accessories—all green design that looks good and makes sense.

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The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival at
The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival

This story is neither pulp nor fiction. But after reading it, you might wish it was. The Tiger: A True Story of Vengeance and Survival is real. Set in Siberia in the 1990s, a greedy and desperate poacher tangles with the wrong tiger. Award-winning author, John Vaillant, creates a masterful narrative connecting this chilling tale to politics, history and the classic struggle between man and beast. Update: Word is that Darren Aronofsky & Brad Pitt are teaming up to put this tale on the big screen.

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Camera Armor at
Camera Armor

Drop the camera once and it’s done. The lightweight plastic and aluminum body is no match for pavement impact. But instead of getting hosed on the ridiculously over-priced extended warranty, look into Camera Armor. The protective skin works just like the case you have on your phone: absorbs shock, while giving you access to all the buttons, ports and controls you need.

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Owning Mahowny at
Owning Mahowny

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a great creep. As Truman Capote, he won an Oscar. In 2009’s Doubt, he was nominated for another. He’s up to his patented smarmy style in this 80s-era story of compulsive (and dangerous) gambling. During the day, he’s a putz assistant bank manager – after hours, he’s a hardcore gambling addict. When his habit gets too big to fund, he turns to the closest source of capital: the bank. Embezzlement begins and so does Mahowny’s undoing. It’s a sick and tragicomic look into the seedy world of gambling. Are you in?

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2011 Bike EXIF Calendar at
2011 Bike EXIF Calendar

You like bikes. Cafés, chops, street trackers, customs … they’re all good. Bike EXIF is the place you’ll find your daily dose of cycle culture and 2-wheeled perversion. They’ve made a great calendar of the year’s best bikes. Sorry, there are no bikini-clad vixens, but there are also no OC Choppers. It’s a fair trade if you ask us. Just this once.

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The War for Late Night at
The War for Late Night

Even if you agree that neither Jay Leno or Conan O’Brien are even the least bit funny, you might still get a kick out of this exposé chronicling the battle between the two late night goofs. This book by TV expert, Bill Carter, reveals the mysterious backstory of television politics & pop-cultural chaos that unfolded when network bosses tried to change the schedule …

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Marley Coffee at
Marley Coffee

Two things grow really well in Jamaica. Bob Marley knew about both. The sacrament of the Rastafari is well known, the other not so much. But Bob’s son, Rohan Marley has been developing a rich, organic coffee bean grown high in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains as one of the many gourmet blends offered by the family brand. Sustainable farming practices and ethical sourcing make Marley coffees taste even sweeter.

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Good Meat: The Complete Guide to Sourcing and Cooking Sustainable Meat at
Good Meat: The Complete Guide to Sourcing and Cooking Sustainable Meat

When the movie SuperSize Me revealed that one McDonald’s burger contained meat from up to 500 different cows, people freaked. As they should. In general, eating red meat is risky enough. So knowing where your meat is coming from is critical knowledge. Food expert Deborah Krasner explains the best ways to source  (and prepare) grass-fed, free-range and local meats in this 400-page guide/cookbook.

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