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International terrorist Ilich Ramírez Sanchez aka Carlos the Jackal was one of the 20th century’s most-wanted fugitives. He was a vicious activist thru the 70s & 80s, orchestrating bombings, kidnappings, and hijackings in Europe and the Middle East.  This Criterion Collection version is the uncut five-and-a-half hour saga of the real-life global gangster.

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Banksy: Myths & Legends at
Banksy: Myths & Legends

Banksy: Myths & LegendsBritish artist/activist Banksy is still cool. Unlike other fame-hungry and corpo-friendly street artists, Banksy continues to produce art that matters and remains anonymous. In fact Banksy is so cool, he has nothing to do with this book. It’s a collection of other people’s stories about the legendary figure. Believe what you want.

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Jumbo Flip Clock at
Jumbo Flip Clock

If you spend your entire workday watching the clock and trying to telepathically urge it toward five p.m., this wall-mounted jumbo flip clock is going to make you even crazier. It’s big, bold numbers flip mechanically reminding you of every passing minute, even though it feels like time is standing still.

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Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals at
Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals

Lost minds are sometimes never found again. In the old America, the insane were sent away to state mental hospitals. Photographer Christopher Payne has collected hundreds of haunting images of these abandoned facilities in his stunning book, focusing on the rich architecture and inherent creepiness of more than 70 crumbling American asylums.

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Seeking Major Tom by William Shatner at
Seeking Major Tom by William Shatner

Shatner knows no shame but you have to admit the bloated old Captain Kirk can be pretty funny. This new concept album that features his terrible singing on top of classic rock remakes by some well-known musicians like Peter Frampton, Sheryl Crow, and Johnny Winter is a total joke. And weirdly, it’s a somewhat humorous one.

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Nesting Steel Shot Cups at
Nesting Steel Shot Cups

Made of cold-rolled steel then crimped to stack together, these nesting shot glasses come in three different finishes. If you and shot glasses have a sketchy relationship, maybe don’t get the slippery Teflon-coated set, shots pour out of those way too easily.

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The Oxford Companion to Beer at
The Oxford Companion to Beer

This may be the most comprehensive reference book on beer ever published. Inside are 868 pages packed with over 1,100 entries by 160 different beer industry authoritarians from across the world. Know your brew.

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Brooklyn Slate Coasters at
Brooklyn Slate Coasters

Coasters are supposed to protect your furniture from drink rings and these little square slabs of slate from a quarry in upstate New York will do exactly that. Just be careful you don’t drop one the coffee table or the hardwood floor, they’ll do some damage.

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Strap a Handle at
Strap a Handle

The Strap a Handle is a strap with a handle on it that helps you carry more stuff than you should really be able to. It’s a great idea, no doubt, but for some reason it  feels way too simple and obvious. Maybe we’re just over-thinking it.

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Frozen Ghost Vodka at
Frozen Ghost Vodka

As the old tale goes, Canada’s Frozen Ghost vodka is distilled with water from a haunted lake. And it’s not just that. The ghost is an old man who was actually pushed in and froze in the lake. They say it’s distilled six times for ultimate purity but it’s probably just to make sure there are no chunks of old man in it.

BUY IT   $35 Categories: Drink, Host
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