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Walls Notebook at
Walls Notebook

Wanna get your Banksy on without the risk of arrest? Unleash your Krink pens on this sketchbook that features 80 images of clean New York City walls instead of blank pages. No need to rush or run before you’re done.

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Bedphones at

Long, stressful days spent plugged into the matrix can make it almost impossible to unwind and fall asleep. Soothing music or nature sounds played as you summon the sandman can help. Bedphones are ultra light, wafer-thin, on-ear headphones made specifically for those quiet intervals between wake and sleep. Choose your own lullaby.

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Dark City at
Dark City

If movie-time for you means a complete vacation from reality for 2-hours, Dark City could be worthy. Of course you also have to be down with a dark, comic-book style hero playing the lead. If you saw the movie Crow or I, Robot, you know that visionary-weirdo director Alex Proyas will take you places you’ve never even dreamed of.

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BinderPad at

The honeymoon with your iPad is obviously over now that you’re using it to swipe through spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations. You might as well just store it with the rest of your work materials. The BinderPad pouch allows you to click your iPad right into the rings of that beloved three-ring binder you keep all your other crap in.

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Collapsible Shot Glass at
Collapsible Shot Glass

Judgmental types might think that having a collapsible stainless steel shot glass on your keychain is a sign of a little drinking problem. But they’re wrong. The people who are hitting it off the bottle like pirates are the ones with the problem. You’re what is called a professional. (source)

BUY IT   $15.85 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Original Gangster: The Real Life Story of One of America’s Most Notorious Drug Lords at
Original Gangster: The Real Life Story of One of America’s Most Notorious Drug Lords

Denzel Washington played the “world’s most notorious drug kingpin” Frank Lucas in the movie version of this tale. But this book is straight from the horse’s mouth. Frank Lucas himself wrote out his incredible story of rising from poverty in the south to international infamy, becoming New York City’s number one heroin dealer. How did he get bounced early from a hefty prison bid and how did he survive to tell this tale? Read it and find out.

BUY IT   $10.08 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

Skin Tack Car Holder at
Skin Tack Car Holder

Raise your hand if you want to have a small mechanical arm installed in your car to hold your phone. Okay, that makes nobody. So, how about just dropping a grippy little self-adhesive silicone pad on the dash to hold your mobile device in place? Way easier. Even if you drive like a psychotic dick, the phone is staying put.

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Jackson Total Control Demolition Hammer at
Jackson Total Control Demolition Hammer

This professional grade 8-pound demolition hammer is designed to take down walls. The pointed end will handle Sheetrock, concrete and tile lickety-split. The 36-inch fiberglass handle is lighter and safer than wood and features non-slip TPE padding to reduce hand fatigue while you’re smashing shit apart.

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Black Blood Of The Earth Sampler Tubes at
Black Blood Of The Earth Sampler Tubes

The coffee perverts behind the infamous Black Blood Of The Earth blends discovered long ago how to triple extract caffeine from the bean, creating the world’s gnarliest caffeine fix. Now they’re treating caffeine-addicts to test-tube shooters available in sampler packs. Wanna sweat bullets standing still and feel the strength of ten men surging through your veins? Tip one back and see.

BUY IT   $50 Categories: Drink, Host

The Secrets of the FBI at
The Secrets of the FBI

Behind the big, dark political scandals like Bin Laden’s assassination, Watergate, Waco, the Kennedy assassination, the Russian spy swap, and so on, lurk the operatives from the FBI. In this book by investigative journalist and best selling author Ronald Kessler, he uses his inside access to FBI bigwigs to reveal how they do their dirt.

BUY IT   $16.21 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media
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