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Alien Furniture at
Alien Furniture

Don’t bring Sigourney Weaver home with this beast in the house. Each piece of Alien Furniture is not only unique artistry, but crafted from recycled metal. Obviously inspired by the movie, don’t feel you have to be a sci-fi nut or all-around creepy guy to call this one your own.

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2010 VW GTI at
2010 VW GTI

The “less is more” followers of the VW GTI will appreciate the German auto manufacturer’s 2010 model.  Taking their mantra to heart, the sporty hatch is new & improved without drastic engineering and design changes.  Once again, drive happy.

BUY IT   $23,664 Categories: Cars, Rides

2010 BMW S 1000RR at
2010 BMW S 1000RR

BMW’s S 1000RR storms the liter bike arena making all others in its class look like beach cruisers. It’s spec list speaks for itself – 193 HP, 404 lbs, 999cc and 83 lb-ft – the only other bike putting up these numbers is on the race track. Add the Dynamic Traction Control and Gearshift Assistance to push this missile to its fullest potential.

BUY IT   $13,800 Categories: Motorcycles, Rides


From a design standpoint, it’s out of this world. When you consider the technology – you’ll most likely call it your next TV. The Sony NX800 has an innovative 6 degree tilt (for better viewing at a lower placement), an Edge LED backlight, and BRAVIA Engine™ 3 video processor for the best possible image. Did I mention, built-in wifi brings on-demand entertainment straight to the tube & widgets let you check the weather or Twitter, while peeping the game.

BUY IT   $3399 Categories: Tech, Television

Georg Jensen Koppel Watch at
Georg Jensen Koppel Watch

Henning Koppel’s 1978 masterpiece was the inspiration behind this updated timepiece. The Georg Jensen Koppel Watch is elegant, understated and stainless steel with a slightly oversized (41mm) face. Three precision timing dials round out the design of this modern classic.

BUY IT   $4850 Categories: Watches, Wear

Zenvo ST1 at
Zenvo ST1

You can’t stop staring at it, can you? The hand-built, Danish-designed Zenovo ST1 is pure sex from bumper to bumper. Unfortunately, you must be one of the 15 selected owners to enjoy watching the needle pass 60 in three seconds. The V8 engine produces 1104 horse on its way to 233 MPH. Thankfully, staring at it is still a treat.

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Mission One Superbike at
Mission One Superbike

Combating the misconception electric vehicles lack power, Mission One’s Superbike will have you barreling into a turn at 150 MPH. This ride’s performance and control are just as impressive with race-level handling and a fully equipped data acquisition system.

BUY IT   $68,995 Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

2010 Volvo C30 at
2010 Volvo C30

The hatchback just grew up. Volvo’s 2010 C3 offers the perfect blend of sophistication and attitude, while providing comfort and safety. Don’t let size fool you. This little muscle has efficient turbocharge – enough to pump out a respectable 230 horses.

BUY IT   $24,100 Categories: Cars, Rides

1977 Mopeds at
1977 Mopeds

Easy to ride, secure, fix, navigate through traffic and park – owning a moped in the city makes good sense. Get around town on a vintage bike restored from the ground up by SF based, 1977 Mopeds. No one is more enthusiastic and passionate about scooters than these guys.

BUY IT   $1400 and up Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

Qlocktwo at

The Germans have done it again! Qlocktwo is a gorgeous clock displaying time in an illuminated typographic format. Available in 6 interchangeable color palettes and 9 languages, this time catcher includes an ambient light sensor, precision Quartz movement, and wall brackets for mounting.  Tip: There’s an iPhone app available if you can’t live without it.

BUY IT   $1275 Categories: Decor
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