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Moncler Blum Jacket at
Moncler Blum Jacket

The goal is to keep you warm.  Although it doesn’t hurt to throw a little style into the mix. Moncler’s Blum Jacket, a Barney’s exclusive, is a nylon, zip and snap parka featuring a removable contrast zip front lining, ribbed collar, and poly down fill.

BUY IT   $1350 Categories: Cold Weather, Wear

Apex Alpine Ski Boot at
Apex Alpine Ski Boot

Finally someone has designed a boot that’s actually comfortable and easy to walk in. Apex’s Alpine Ski Boot features a light-weight, carbon chassis built around a boot that heat-molds to the foot. It’s boa lacing system allows for infinite adjustments, staying secure even when hitting the bumps. Most notable, the “A-flex” system, corrects the forward lean – no longer will you look like you’ve got something up your seat when walking to the lodge.

BUY IT   $1,295 Categories: Snow, Sport

Confederate P120 Fighter Combat Motorcycle at
Confederate P120 Fighter Combat Motorcycle

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, screams “precision” like the Confederate P120 Fighter Combat Motorcycle. This sled’s lightweight, aircraft-grade, aluminum chassis houses a 1,966cc twin-cylinder engine producing a face-peeling 145lbs of torque with 160 horse at the rear-wheel. Making this bike, my post-apocalyptic ride of choice.

BUY IT   $110,000 Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

The North Face 2-Meter Dome at
The North Face 2-Meter Dome

You might not want to return from your trip after spending a night in this bad boy. North Face’s 2-Meter Dome – all-weather, simple to pitch, 125 sq ft of floor space, 7 ft of head room, and a chimney providing ventilation suitable for cooking. With specs like that, there’s a really good chance you’ll be calling this dome your new home.

BUY IT   $5000 Categories: Camping, Gear

Luxury Foosball Table From 11 at
Luxury Foosball Table From 11

Let’s face it.  Sometimes we strive for approval from our male friends. Feasting their eyes on this beast will surely do the trick.  11′s Luxury Foosball Table has been hand-finished by European craftsmen and its atmospheric lighting and chromed metal players make this game ready to impress.

BUY IT   TBA Categories: Game Room, Space

Cub Cadet Z Force S at
Cub Cadet Z Force S

If you are looking for is a killer mowing machine, this one has you covered.  Cub Cadet’s Z Force S features a steering wheel instead of turning bars; independently controlled back wheels for greater maneuverability; 48- or 60-inch triple-blade fabricated heavy duty decks; a dual hydrostatic transmission; and optional liquid propane fuel mechanism.  Time to start a lawn service.

BUY IT   $1540 Categories: Gear, Lawn
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