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Unicat EX70 6×6 at
Unicat EX70 6×6

Here’s a vacation van for the Apocalypse. Really, this beast of a camper looks like it’s made for exploring the moon. It’s got a mile-long list of features blending the best of Winnebago comfort with HumVee gnarlitude. Espresso maker, check. All-wheel locking differentials, check. It’s a full-on camper with a kitchen, bathroom, shower, etc. Powered by a 500-horse diesel motor, this 6-wheeled monster will drive you in unparalleled comfort to the very ends of the earth. Literally.

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1970 Lancia Stratos HF ‘Zero’ Auction at
1970 Lancia Stratos HF ‘Zero’ Auction

This ultra-rare Lancia was probably one of your favorite Hot Wheels cars as a kid, but did you know it was a real car? The model on auction is a 1970 Lancia Stratos HF “Zero.” Design-wise, this car was the predecessor to the iconic Lamborghini Countach that emerged a year later; its wedge-body shape is ultra-low to the ground and get this … you get in by opening the windshield. It was fully restored in 2000, even getting back its original bronze color. What would you pay?

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Acer Iconia at
Acer Iconia

First there was the laptop, then came the tablet and now, Acer combines the best of both with their 14-inch dual-screen Iconia. It features a full-touch interface and is driven by a powerful Intel i5 Processor. Watch a movie on one screen, while you fiddle with facebook on the other. If you crave the function of a traditional laptop, just activate the virtual keyboard and type away. If you want to multi-task your ass off, this could be just the laptop/tablet-thing for you.

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Gullwing Panamericana 300 SL at
Gullwing Panamericana 300 SL

The Mercedes 300SL is among the most iconic cars ever made. An incredible winning streak in races throughout the 50s didn’t hurt the car’s legacy, but it was the gullwing doors that rewrote the book on auto design. This new reproduction by Texas-based custom builders, GWA, is based on the winning 1952 Panamerica car. Aside from the silhouette and period-correct looks, this car is all new. Its powered by a new V8 Benz engine, gearbox & drivetrain, and the body is made from aluminum. Classic style with modern reliability.

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150th Anniversary Vespa PX at
150th Anniversary Vespa PX

Back when frontier Americans were still cowboying it up, Italians were fighting for their independence. In 1861, Italy was unified. Vespa, the iconic Italian scooter brand, is marking 150 years of unification with the release of a new, commemorative scoot.  Featuring a red-green-white color scheme, this 4-speed, 150-cc model is a proven performer with over 3 million having rolled off Vespa’s Pontadera production line.

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Synergy Home Beer Brewing System at
Synergy Home Beer Brewing System

You’ve been talking about brewing your own beer since college. Maybe the simple home systems from Synergy will finally turn you into the brewmaster you need to be. The Oregon-based metalworkers at Synergy make complete, handcrafted, stainless steel home brewing systems.  Their simple, durable and hygienic systems make learning the craft of brewing almost as fun as tipping back a cold one. We said almost.

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Untitled Motorcycles BMW R80-based Scrambler UM-2 at
Untitled Motorcycles BMW R80-based Scrambler UM-2

If you geek out on custom bike blogs, you’ve probably noticed BMW’s R series has practically taken over Honda CB’s top spot as the #1 choice for a restoration bike. Maybe it’s the vintage look, big engine cases, horizontal cylinders and the chunky tanks. Maybe it’s the durability of German engineering. Whatever the reason, few builders are making R bikes as sweet as the ones coming out of the garage at London’s Untitled Motorcycles. Their look is all about simplicity in form & function. (Source)

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Origin Laser Tools Cornerstone Classic at
Origin Laser Tools Cornerstone Classic

Five thousand bucks may seem like a lot to pay for a laser level, but not if you’re dropping $100K in exotic marble flooring for your home—or any other high dollar precision project. This self-leveling unit is an advanced three-plane line laser machined from aircraft aluminum, brass & surgical steel.  Its matrix of three laser beams creates pinpoint accuracy for measurements in all three dimensions. The kit includes the laser, tripod, targets, charger, etc.

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Naga Speakers at
Naga Speakers

All the artist-designed space-orb speaker systems have their merits, but it’s the warmth of wood that makes these handmade American speakers from Blumenstein Ultra Fi completely rad. Using proven acoustical technology from a bygone era, these BLH cabinets (backloaded horns) sound as good as they look.

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Gateway Classic Steve McQueen Mustang at
Gateway Classic Steve McQueen Mustang

If you haven’t seen the definitive Steve McQueen flick Bullitt, go watch it now, then come back and check out this ’68 custom Mustang. Gateway Classics specialize in Mustangs. Their remake of the movie car includes a 450-horse small block Roush motor and a whole raft of updated & period-correct features.  This chase scene from the movie is one for the ages.

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