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How many more horrible, off-beat rom-coms and tear-jerking chick flicks do you have to watch before you refuse to play another game of Saturday night Netflix roulette? Let us help you here. We have a team of highly trained movie buffs who contribute their wisdom to our ever-growing list of man-approved movies. From certified cinema classics to underground, independent films, we've filtered out the lame stuff, leaving behind only that which can be called killer.

Layer Cake at
Layer Cake

You probably saw Snatch. Remember, Brad Pitt, the Pikey? Well, Snatch producer Matthew Vaughan did this film, too. Anyway, if you’re down for those fast-paced British-accent flicks with a twisty plot, frenetic action and some heavy gunplay – you should go back and check out Layer Cake. The plot revolves around a drug deal gone bad. Watch what a million hits of ecstasy will make people do. It’s pretty crazy.

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El Mariachi at
El Mariachi

The debut film in Robert Rodriguez’s trilogy including Desperado and Once Upon A Time In Mexico, El Mariachi cost a mere $7000 to produce. While enjoying the suspenseful plot of a man who only wants to play his guitar, but finds trouble in every turn – keep asking yourself – how did he do it for under 10k?

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The Quick and the Dead at
The Quick and the Dead

I passed this film by many times, until I recently noted it was directed by Sam Raimi of The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness and Spiderman. A spaghetti western with a killer cast, dark humor, unexpected gruesomeness and top-notch storytelling. You even catch a glimpse at Russell Crowe – long before anyone knew who he was.

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Man Bites Dog at
Man Bites Dog

If you’re a fan of Dexter, Natural Born Killers, A Clockwork Orange or Spinal Tap, you’ll cherish this film. Comedies don’t get much darker. Man Bites Dog is a mesmerizing, low-budget mocumentary following Ben, a serial killer, as he proudly teaches you (the viewer) how to get away with murder. It’s harsh.

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Unknown at

After seeing this flick, you’ll wonder how it slipped under your radar. Five men wake up in an abandoned warehouse. One is bound. One handcuffed & shot. One has a ruptured nose. No recollection of what transpired, who was responsible or better yet, how to escape. This psychological thriller is full of intrigue, suspense, unpredictable twists and it gets only better each time you watch it.

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Play Misty For Me at
Play Misty For Me

The random hook-up. Thrilling? Or terrifying? In Clint’s directorial debut, Play Misty For Me, this simple act turns out to be the worst decision of a lifetime. Although the 70s trappings are a bit dated and bordering on comical, this Hitchcock-style thriller is definitely worth a watch.

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Dead Man’s Shoes at
Dead Man’s Shoes

A hot-wired ex-soldier returns home to avenge his abused mentally-handicapped younger brother. This slasher film is a story of vengeance – candy for indie aficionados.

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Seven Samurai at
Seven Samurai

Stephen Spielberg refers to the Seven Samurai before directing any movie. Scorsese said of the film’s director, “Let me say it simply, Kurosawa was my master.” George Lucas’ Jedi were inspired by the film’s namesake. Enough said? See this movie.

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Dead Man at
Dead Man

This isn’t your a-typical western. Dead Man’s symbolism, poetry & bleak plot twists require time to unfold. Black & white with a soundtrack by Neil Young – this 19th century story stars Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop, Gabriel Byrne, Lance Henriksen & John Hurt.

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Hunger at

The greatest movies are those that move you. Based on IRA volunteer, Bobby Sands’ 1981 Irish Hunger Strike & No Wash Protest at UK’s Maze Prison – Steve McQueen’s Hunger will leave you speechless.

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