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How many more horrible, off-beat rom-coms and tear-jerking chick flicks do you have to watch before you refuse to play another game of Saturday night Netflix roulette? Let us help you here. We have a team of highly trained movie buffs who contribute their wisdom to our ever-growing list of man-approved movies. From certified cinema classics to underground, independent films, we've filtered out the lame stuff, leaving behind only that which can be called killer.

Animal Kingdom at
Animal Kingdom

This movie is wild. An Australian family of criminals lives by the ‘kill or be killed’ street code. The psycho eldest son, the “Pope”, (chillingly played by Ben Mendelsohn) is caught between fear & guilt in the Melbourne underground. As the family members are pursued by each other and the police, an internal struggle threatens to blow their sordid scene to pieces.

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A Prophet at
A Prophet

When a movie is set in prison, you usually know what you’re getting into. Not the case with this one. Actor Tahar Rahim plays Malik, a young convict forced into killing and further crimes by the pressures of prison gangsters. Scamming his way through his sentence, Malik eventually ends up as the central player in a struggle for prison power between French, Corsican & Arab gangs.

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Owning Mahowny at
Owning Mahowny

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a great creep. As Truman Capote, he won an Oscar. In 2009’s Doubt, he was nominated for another. He’s up to his patented smarmy style in this 80s-era story of compulsive (and dangerous) gambling. During the day, he’s a putz assistant bank manager – after hours, he’s a hardcore gambling addict. When his habit gets too big to fund, he turns to the closest source of capital: the bank. Embezzlement begins and so does Mahowny’s undoing. It’s a sick and tragicomic look into the seedy world of gambling. Are you in?

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The Road at
The Road

Novelist Cormac McCarthy will someday be recognized as one of the greatest voices in modern American fiction. Author of All The Pretty Horses, No Country For Old Men, and the haunting, post-apocalyptic father and son survival tale The Road, McCarthy narratives speak the difficult truth.  The movie adaptation of The Road, starring Viggo Mortensen will simply horrify you and tear your heart out. Like the book, it is deep and dark and feels so real.

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Touching The Void at
Touching The Void

True stories are the craziest ones! This true-tale of two climbers, who attempted the never-before-climbed 1985 ascent of a massive peak in the Peruvian Andes, was of course not without its dangers. When one climber is hurt, his partner has no choice but to get them both out of the high alpine and back to safety. There are complications & chaos. Will they both survive? Guess you’ll have to watch it to find out …

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Intacto at

Lottery tickets, betting on the big games, or taking the annual trip to Vegas – it’s all fun & games. Playing the odds is a thrill and sometimes luck even feels like skill. But in the 2001 Spanish thriller, Intacto, the stakes are much higher and nobody’s smiling. Four people tangled up in a strange, clandestine gambling ring are betting with their lives to come out ahead of the house. Even if you never bet a dime, we’ll bet several scenes in this movie will make you sweat.

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Moon at

Alone on the dark side of the moon. No, not Pink Floyd. Moon is a cerebral 2009 sci-fi film following Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) as he wraps up a three-year contract of harvesting Helium-3 on the moon. His only company is a computer with Kevin Spacey’s voice and occasional video chats with his wife on earth. There are no alien creatures, no manly damsels, Sam is all alone and the solitude is starting to get to him. But wait, is he alone?

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True Grit at
True Grit

With the 1969 Western masterpiece, True Grit, John Wayne finally got his Oscar for his portrayal of Rooster Cogburn a drunk, one-eyed, U.S. Marshal tracking down a cowboy killer. Wayne deftly plays the almost comic role of the larger-than-life lawman and all the bullets & booze really make it move. The Coen Brothers are about to release their updated remake of this Hollywood classic, which is sure to be a scorcher. So, check the original first & compare for yourself .

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Fire In The Sky at
Fire In The Sky

Are you down for alien abduction stories? This is a good one and as “true” as they come. Back in 1975, a crew of loggers in Arizona stumble upon a UFO. Travis Walton is struck by a beam of light from the sky, disappears for a week and returns battered & bruised to tell the unearthly tales of what he saw and endured.

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Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai at
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

Forest Whitaker is Ghost Dog; an unlikely Samurai assassin to be sure. Ghost Dog lives in a strange mystic realm killing by the code as he’s pursued by Mafioso. Everything about this eerie thriller is strange and nothing is quite what you’d expect. If you’ve seen other Jim Jarmusch-directed films, like Dead Man or Stranger Than Paradise, you know that offbeat plots, characters & story lines add artistic elements of oddity making all his movies true cult classics.

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