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Environmental awareness is working. As consumers, we now have a lot of choices for buying smarter. As we continue to choose products that respect the environment, more and better choices emerge. It's called the power of the purse and it's shifting green from 'alternative' to 'mainstay'. Life in the modern world is complex and like you, we want to simplify. That's why werd sources sensible stuff and shares the good news.

Upcycled Messenger Bags at
Upcycled Messenger Bags

You might have to define “upcycling” when people ask about your messenger bag. But that’s cool. It means taking a discarded product and giving it a new life. This bag uses salvaged hardware and recycled leather to create a totally new carry-all.  It’s got all the features you need in a messenger bag: zip & Velcro outer pockets, adjustable shoulder strap, etc., and each bag is handmade to order.

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Oil Can Cabinets at
Oil Can Cabinets

The young designers at Hamburg, Germany’s Lockengelöt studios are turning used 50-gallon oil drums into unique, industrial-strength “cupboards.” The drums are cleaned out, reinforced, and fitted with shelves & a door. The drums are also stackable, if you need more than 50-gallons of storage space.

BUY IT   $475 Categories: Decor, Space

Up-cycled Lighter Case at
Up-cycled Lighter Case

Only a smoker feels an intimate connection to their lighter. When you smoke your lighter is your right hand, your old flame. So why not treat your little fire-starter to a new outfit? Using aluminum cans, Fuego Con Queso makes fully up-cycled lighter cases featuring the can art of your favorite drinks. They’re handmade in America and are available in a wide variety of designs, including your custom submissions.

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Revolve Tap Water Filter Bottle at
Revolve Tap Water Filter Bottle

A re-usable water bottle keeps lots of trash out of the landfill. But when you fill it with tap water, you’re depositing pollution into your own system. This bottle filters out 99.99% of tap water’s contaminants including chlorine, industrial runoff & heavy metals. One filter lasts up to a year and they’re easy to replace when you need to. Clean up your act.

BUY IT   $39.95 Categories: Gear

Yellow Pages Opt-Out at
Yellow Pages Opt-Out

When was the last time someone you know used a phone book?  Your Aunt Mable doesn’t count. She’s 90. Seriously though, the Yellow Pages are a total waste of resources. Technology has made these heavy tomes of dead tree matter obsolete, but for some reason they are still being printed. Maybe if you opt out and your friends opt out, someday the Yellow Pages will just disappear.

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Electric Porsche Speedster and James Dean Spyder Replicas at
Electric Porsche Speedster and James Dean Spyder Replicas

It’s a strange PR spin that has James Dean in the role of martyr for the electric car. But strangely, it fits. Euromasters Classic Cars are creating incredible electric replicas of Porsche’s 365 Speedster and 550 Spyder. Dean died in a Spyder. And you could too, because these aren’t wimpy bumper cars. The replica 365 Speedster has a top speed of over 100 miles an hour and is actually faster in the 0-60 than it’s gas powered fore-bearer. They’re about 50-grand. Add an extra fifteen grand if you want the James Dean Edition.

BUY IT   $49k+ Categories: Exotic, Rides

Recycled Necktie Wallets at
Recycled Necktie Wallets

It took the creative mind of recycled accessories designer, Laura Skelton, to give wacky, old neckties a second life. We thought hideous Rayon ties were only good for starting fires. We were wrong. Skelton’s process of re-purposing them into colorful wallets looks pretty good and you won’t even have to worry about matching them to your socks. Not that you could anyway…

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Barrelly Made It Furniture at
Barrelly Made It Furniture

You probably drank a barrel of wine last year. Ever wonder what happens to the empty barrels? We didn’t think so. Luckily though, San Diego artist/designer, Gustaf Rooth, thought about it. He also took action. He and his small team produce handmade furniture from used wine barrels that isn’t just rad, but also built of 99% recycled material. Their designs are functional, solid and each peice is unique. We’ll drink to that.

BUY IT   $985 Categories: Seating, Space

Cigar Box Bird Houses at
Cigar Box Bird Houses

Sure, making the birdhouse from recycled wood and finishing it with a natural, soy-based finish helps the environment. But, the part you play might be even more crucial. When you buy one of these handmade houses, you’ll be providing a new home for a bird. You’ll help turn the bird’s life around. You’ll give it hope.

BUY IT   $39 Categories: Outdoor, Space

Vintage Motorcycle Lamp at
Vintage Motorcycle Lamp

After life as a motorcycle, Virginia-based artist, Betsy Ryland, grants these vintage cycle scraps immortality by turning them into artistic industrial designs. Her lamps are made of a spring, shock absorber and transmission gear standings on a base crafted from a brake caliper. Each lamp is one of a kind, unless you order a matching set. The artist will do custom work, too.

BUY IT   $149 Categories: Lighting, Space
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