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Environmental awareness is working. As consumers, we now have a lot of choices for buying smarter. As we continue to choose products that respect the environment, more and better choices emerge. It's called the power of the purse and it's shifting green from 'alternative' to 'mainstay'. Life in the modern world is complex and like you, we want to simplify. That's why werd sources sensible stuff and shares the good news.

The Clever Little Bag by Puma at
The Clever Little Bag by Puma

Think for a moment. You buy a new pair of sneakers. They come tissue wrapped in a heavy-weight cardboard box. The cashier takes the box & stashes it in a plastic bag. You go home, pull the shoes out & discard everything (hopefully) in a recycle bin. See a problem? Puma did – and fixed it.

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Heys Eco-Case 3-Piece Luggage Set at
Heys Eco-Case 3-Piece Luggage Set

Feeling guilty about your last soda binge? Heys EcoCase is made from 100% recycled plastic. Sleek, roomy, tough & available in 7 colors. This fully-lined luggage set didn’t use an extra drop of oil to create and gave an afterlife to your 2-liters.

BUY IT   $369.97 Categories: Bags, Gear

GreenWorks Lithium Ion Cordless Chain Saw at
GreenWorks Lithium Ion Cordless Chain Saw

Leatherface goes green. Eliminate cords & gasoline, while reducing your carbon footprint. Powered by a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, GreenWorks takes massacre to an earth-friendly level.

BUY IT   $69.99 Categories: Gear, Tools

Novothink Surge for iPhone/iTouch at
Novothink Surge for iPhone/iTouch

Wrap this one around your iPhone. Novothink’s solar charger adds a little bulk to your svelte beauty, but now nothing can stop you from your all day Twitter insanity. Except rain.

BUY IT   $79.95 Categories: Portable, Tech

Henry Hoover Numatic at
Henry Hoover Numatic

Henry is the man. Don’t be mislead by his small stature & whimsical grin – he means business. With a durable 1200w motor and “AutoSave Low Energy System” – this happy hoover will suck carpet & hard woods, not energy.

BUY IT   $140 Categories: Gear, Tools

Recycled Beer Case Journals at
Recycled Beer Case Journals

Keep the weekend close at hand with the Corona Journal (other beverages available). Hand-crafted from recycled 12-pack boxes & containing 50 sheets of acid-free, blank, white, recycled paper. Ivy Lane Design is helping the environment, one case of beer at a time. Cheers.

BUY IT   $10 Categories: Gear, Work

Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower at
Fiskars Momentum Reel Mower

Grass may be brown now. But,  get ready to green it up.
Fiskars revamped reel mower technology with the Momentum. Adjustable height, easy to push and the blade rotation creates energy for when you need extra power. This is not your standard mower.

BUY IT   $249.99 Categories: Gear, Lawn

Horizon HydroFILL at
Horizon HydroFILL

While the auto-industry fumbles to engineer hydrogen technology, you can stay ahead of the curve with Horizon’s HydroFILL. Add water & use the optional solar panel to stay off the grid, while generating hydrogen. Store the element’s solid form on the optional MiniPak & deliver power via USB port to your wireless arsenal.

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Andrea: A Plant-Based Air Purifier at
Andrea: A Plant-Based Air Purifier

Put that housewarming gift to use. Andrea’s whisper-quiet fan propels air through a plant’s leaves & root system then into a water & soil filtration.  The resulting air is toxin free. Breathe.

BUY IT   $199.99 Categories: Space

Mighty Wallets at
Mighty Wallets

Why can’t your wallet make a statement? Mighty Wallet’s combination of graphic appeal, strength and recyclability commands attention. Unlike its leather counterparts, it’s almost impossible to damage (the wallet’s Tyvek material is also used for express mail envelopes). The build is unique – it expands to hold as much garbage as you can pile into it – George Castanza style.

BUY IT   $15 Categories: Gear, Wallets
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