The Beast 28: A Packable Pack Designed For Legit Adventures at werd.com

The Beast 28: A Packable Pack Designed For Legit Adventures

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Most packable backpacks are super basic & minimalist, built for backup. That’s not the case with the Beast 28 from Matador. This thing is technical & highly functional: made of ripstop PU coated nylon it features an ergonomic shape with lumbar padding & vented shoulder straps, plus a sternum strap & padded waistbelt. It’s also hydration compatible. When not in use, it packs down to a very portable bundle in its own mini stuff sack.

Survive Any Party with the Bartender Defender Mini Knife at werd.com

Survive Any Party with the Bartender Defender Mini Knife

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The Bartender Defender is a combination bottle opener and mini knife designed for the tactical operations of party survival. It’s made of 1095 high carbon steel and features grippy black traction coating. It can be worn around the neck with a lanyard or stashed in a pocket in its mini-sheath.

Frank Gehry is Just One of the Geniuses Teaching a Course at MasterClass

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MasterClass offers in-depth online instructional courses on a variety of topics, taught by true masters who reveal their personal secrets & insights. Learn acting from Kevin Spacey, tennis from Serena Williams, photography from Annie Leibovitz among many more. The next course on the calendar is a design & architecture seminar taught by none other than Frank Gehry.

iClever Portable Car Jump Starter & External Power Bank at werd.com

iClever Portable Car Jump Starter & External Power Bank

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Even though it’s roughly the same size as your iPhone & weighs just 1 pound, the iClever Boost Engine packs serious power. With 600 amps of peak current & 15000mAh of juice, it will jump start your car, fully recharge your iPhone 7.5 times, a Nexus 6P 2.5 times & other USB devices at up to 2.3A per port. There’s also a built-in LED light & it’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

Meddsy is a Next Generation Smart Emergency Kit at werd.com

Meddsy is a Next Generation Smart Emergency Kit

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Created with input & expertise from travelers, doctors, soldiers, rescue and survival experts, Meddsy is an emergency kit that contains up to 70 items to handle emergencies of all sorts. It has a built-in power bank to jump-start your car, works as a flashlight, and is equipped to handle strains & sprains, allergic reactions, burns, bleeding, motion sickness, insect bites, broken bones, and more.

The Adjustable Bag (TAB) at werd.com

The Adjustable Bag (TAB)

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TAB – The Adjustable Bag is exactly what its name suggests. It’s a super-versatile, convertible carryall made of rugged ripstop nylon that can be configured 3 different ways. With a simple cinch system, it easily expands & contracts depending on your needs from 31 liters to 46.5 liters up to 62 liters. Fully compressed it measures just 8 X 8 X4.75 inches & weighs a scant 1.2lbs.

Ping GPS Tracker at werd.com

Ping GPS Tracker

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Taking the Bluetooth tracking tag device a very practical step further, Ping has added GPS & cellular connectivity to their new tracking tag. The result is “always-on global tracking”, meaning a much greater likelihood you’ll find what’s missing. Whether your lost item fell down under the car seat or you dropped it in a city now thousands of miles behind you, you’ll know exactly where it is. Ping is also smaller than the popular Tile trackers while being much more powerful.

Project Lunar Lantern at werd.com

Project Lunar Lantern

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The Project Lunar lantern creates a warmer light than standard LEDs with a design & quality of light meant to mimic a traditional gas lantern while providing USB power to other accessories and battery life up to 240-hours. Interchangeable light shades allow you customize the light for use on the table, hanging from its hook, & as a flashlight with a horizontal handle. It also has a magnetic base for sticking it anywhere with hands-free convenience. A funded Kickstarter.

Milwaukee Redstick Level at werd.com

Milwaukee Redstick Level

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Offering an impressive benchmark of accuracy at .029 degrees plus a lifetime guarantee to stay that accurate, the Redstick from Milwaukee is loaded with pro-grade features: high-visibility Sharpsite vials, inset magnets for hands-free leveling, & high-density end-cap bumpers for protection & durability.

 at werd.com

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With round typewriter style keys, the Lofree is a mechanical keyboard that features the same layout as the Apple Magic Keyboard. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS, it can pair with up to 3 devices simultaneously, operate wired or wirelessly, and comes in a range of cool colors.

Sneerwell Noble Flask at werd.com

Sneerwell Noble Flask

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With a design that features rust, dents, scratches, and a natural patina, the Noble Flask looks like an artifact salvaged from a sunken pirate ship. The 6 ounce steel flasks are made-to-order and hand etched with a variety of designs: classic tattoo shop & occult themed art.

Tanner Goods Roughout Collection at werd.com

Tanner Goods Roughout Collection

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With a distinctive style & texture from raw 4-ounce leather construction designed with the rough side of the hide facing out, the Roughout Collection from Portland’s Tanner Goods includes a bi-fold, zip, and card wallet as well as sunglass case with a brass button closure.