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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, the follow up to the best selling video game of all time, will be out in November. When you buy this for your kids, and numbed by violence and bloodshed they turn into maladjusted sociopathic rejects, don’t be surprised. But chances are you’ll be buying it for yourself & you’ll be fine.

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Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids: The Complete Series at
Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids: The Complete Series

Comedian Bill Cosby was at his best when he created the animated series’ Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids. Cosby’s cast of funked-up seventies cartoon kids featured funny, unforgettable characters & was somehow always educational. This new sixteen-disc collection covers all their antics starting with debut episodes dating all the way back to 1972.

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Wine Bottle Tiki Torches at
Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

For backyard barbecue ambience, outdoor oil lamps are key. But instead of ramming those bobo campground tiki torches into your grass, try these. They’re long-lasting wall-mount torches made from recycled green wine bottles and burn the same lamp fuel you can find anywhere.

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Mophie Juice Pack Air at
Mophie Juice Pack Air

We think an iPhone 4 case with a built-in battery that can add up to 36-hours of life to your iPhone is a great idea. Apparently we aren’t the only ones. The Mophie Juice Pack Air won a CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award. How’s that for juice?

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Smart Dot Laser Pointer at
Smart Dot Laser Pointer

Think of the fun you can have in the Monday meeting with a laser pointer controlled by your iPhone. Plug the Smart Dot unit into your headphone jack, download the free app, and boom, you’re instantly putting a red dot on the bosses bald spot. And if you actually want to use it for work, put it in Presentation Mode and link it up with your PowerPoint or Mac KeyNote application for remote control scroll. Source

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Halo 4 at
Halo 4

Microsoft doesn’t have a lot of good news to report these days but here’s one bright spot on their horizon: they announced the upcoming release of Halo 4, the newest installment of their popular killing game series. Master Chief is back and he’s on a mission to save the universe with advanced weaponry. The new game is due out November 6, 2012.

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Oakley Factory Pilot Glove at
Oakley Factory Pilot Glove

It’s an unreal expectation that you’d have manly hands considering your life is spent typing, clicking, dragging, and swiping. Cover up those bony, sickly little digits with these hella macho face-punchers from Oakley. Pull a pair on and you’ll instantly transform from pasty powderpuff to Dog The Bounty Hunter. Source

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rEvolve Folding Chair at
rEvolve Folding Chair

This isn’t just any old folding chair. This thing spins a full 360. In fact, if you’re bored in the forest you can just keep spinning. 720, 1080, 1260, you get the idea.

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SecondWind : Recharge Disposable Batteries at
SecondWind : Recharge Disposable Batteries

This is a battery charger designed specifically for recharging regular alkaline batteries. In just 90 minutes it’ll safely recharge the AA & AAA batteries you usually throw in the trash.

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Plantronics BackBeat GO at
Plantronics BackBeat GO

These BackBeat GO headphones from Plantronics are wireless. Technically there is still one wire holding the pair of earbuds together but it’s not like the normal headphone wire that you get tangled around something and rip out of your iPod or iPhone three or four times every workout. These are Bluetooth buds, snag free for sure.

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