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Lumberlander Camp Blanket at
Lumberlander Camp Blanket

Strap this American-made, Pendleton wool blanket to the front of your vintage chopper and hit the open road or throw the leather sling over your shoulder and amble into the wilderness with your woman. It’s a blanket, go do blanket stuff with it.

BUY IT   $180 Categories: Camping, Gear

Nook HD & HD+ at
Nook HD & HD+

Barnes & Noble’s new Nook tablets offer a solid alternative to the iPad. The HD+ features an ultra-sharp hi-res display for movies and 1080p video playback, plus it’s the lightest 9-inch tablet ever. The 7-inch HD model is smaller while still offering crisp visuals for movies and apps. Both models offer access to over 3-million books, magazines and other media in the Nook store.

BUY IT   $199-269 Categories: Gadgets, Tech

Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit at
Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit

As you incessantly Instagram your way into the wilderness there’s a good chance your phone will be dead by the time you reach the summit. Bummer. To avoid this off-the-grid emergency, a backup solar power supply can come in handy. This compact kit from Goal Zero will juice up your phone and power up a set of included AA batteries. All you need is some sun.

BUY IT   $89.95 Categories: Gear

Industrial Brewery Lamp at
Industrial Brewery Lamp

You may have used some of the same materials, but your shop class projects probably never looked this good. From the vintage bottle (Cumberland Brewing Co of Maryland 1890-1920) to the cloth insulated power cord, this lamp is pure retro and handmade in the USA.

BUY IT   $155 Categories: Lighting, Space

Mission Workshop R2 Arkiv Field Pack at
Mission Workshop R2 Arkiv Field Pack

Carrying around a rugged, battle-ready backpack can do wonders to offset the soft, squishy feelings brought about by your online shopping addiction. The American-made, 20-liter R2 Field Pack is weatherproof, featuring a VX interior and waxed canvas exterior with a modular design for attaching a whole array of add-on accessories.

BUY IT   $229 Categories: Bags, Gear

Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols 35th Anniversary Box Set at
Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols 35th Anniversary Box Set

The Sex Pistols’ snotty songs & outrageous antics pushed punk rock into the mainstream. The forthcoming release of the super-deluxe Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols box set is a 3CD/1DVD collection marking the classic album’s 35th anniversary with a 100-page book, demos, B-sides, and a re-mastered edition of the record. Sid lives! Punk’s not dead!, et cetera.

BUY IT   $200.55 Categories: Media, Music

Apple iPod nano at
Apple iPod nano

Apple’s new nano also launched today. A full re-design brings us a 2.5-inch screen, a 38% thinner profile, plus a 30-hour battery life, built-in pedometer, FM tuner, Bluetooth, and up to 16GB of storage. That’s a lot for a little.

BUY IT   $149 Categories: Portable, Tech

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Encyclopedia at
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Encyclopedia

Before tattooing his face and the Hangover movies, Mike Tyson was boxing’s most pugilistic champ. All his knockouts had dollars and endorsements flowing in. He even had his own Nintendo game. To celebrate 25 years since NES released Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, this book catalogs everything you could ever want to learn about a truly classic video game.

BUY IT   $125 Categories: Best Books for Men, Media

TufRack at

TufRacks are made for serious bikers who don’t trust strapping they’re steed to a crappy sports store bike rack. They’re constructed of super-strong laser cut 16-gauge steel and guaranteed indestructible. The modular design makes it easy to set up a custom rack for your ride.

BUY IT   $114-199 Categories: Bike, Sport

Le Whaf at
Le Whaf

Normally when you say you haven’t been drinking it’s a lie. With this weird French contraption that turns cocktails into vapor, you can suck some booze-infused magic mist through the special straw and get a buzz without ever having to bend the truth.

BUY IT   $160 Categories: Drink, Host
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