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Nike Total 90 Ascente Ball at
Nike Total 90 Ascente Ball

Nike’s Total 90 Ascente Ball isn’t just a ball – it’s a technological masterpiece. With a 360 degree sweet spot, this sphere is engineered to fly faster and more accurate than any other. Even better – spectators will marvel at the flickering graphic image left behind as the ball hits the back of the goal.

BUY IT   $140 Categories: Equipment, Sport

Tony Hawk: Ride at
Tony Hawk: Ride

Finally, you can pull an ollie inside without damage. Connect Tony Hawk: Ride to your gaming system and navigate through rad competitions with your board’s wireless periphery. Unlike the pros, instead of bailing on concrete – you’ll be on carpet.

BUY IT   $104.48 Categories: Games, Media

Craighton Berman Coil Lamp at
Craighton Berman Coil Lamp

The orange extension cord.  A staple of every man’s arsenal.  Until now, we’ve never thought of bringing this icon into our home. Chicago designer, Craighton Berman, has figured out a way.  The Coil Lamp is a 100 foot cord wrapped around a laser-cut clear acrylic form. If you really want to exert some creative energy, order the do-it-yourself kit.

BUY IT   $150 Categories: Lighting, Space

Fenix TK40 High Performance LED Flashlight at
Fenix TK40 High Performance LED Flashlight

On a cloudy night, throw a bat decal over the lens of the Fenix TK40 LED Flashlight and aim at the sky. You’ll be rescued by the masked crusader in seconds. The spot tossed by this moonbeam is adjustable between zero and 630 lumen. You won’t find a brighter flashlight powered by AA batteries.

BUY IT   $157.95 Categories: Gear, Tools

Atlantic Records: Time Capsule at
Atlantic Records: Time Capsule

History books are incapable of covering six decades of western culture the way Atlantic Records: Time Capsule does. A nine CD box set of 165 hits by 141 Atlantic artists, this musical journey includes a book of rare photos, documentary on DVD, and the label’s first hit single on vinyl.

BUY IT   $199.98 Categories: Media, Music

Restoration Hardware LP Converter Turntable at
Restoration Hardware LP Converter Turntable

Wish your stack of vinyl was loaded onto your MP3 player? Make it happen with Restoration Hardware’s LP Converter Turntable. The retro-style, vinyl case contains a deck, MP3 player dock, USB port and built-in speakers. Now start ripping.

BUY IT   $124.49 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

James Perse Thermal Lined Soft Hoodie at
James Perse Thermal Lined Soft Hoodie

Take James Perse signature comfort and throw a hood on it – you’ll find it hard to take this one off at night.  A zip front hoodie made of a fine gauge cotton outer layer and thin thermal lining – choose one of four colors and pick up a spare in case they stop making it next year.

BUY IT   $225 Categories: Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Wear

Oskar Humidifier at
Oskar Humidifier

Extra humidity is beneficial for sleeping, dry skin and allergies.  Oskar is whisper-quiet and energy efficient with a sleek, minimal design.  The unit includes an integrated hygrostat for exact humidification, dimmable lights, and a scented-oil container for when you want to set the mood right.

BUY IT   $159.99 Categories: Space

Lego Volkswagen Beetle at
Lego Volkswagen Beetle

VW aficionados, rejoice! If you don’t have the resources to restore a classic Beetle from the ground up – build one out of Legos. This 16″ model’s attention to detail astonishes with a spare tire under the hood, engine block in the trunk and preserved interior design. Would you expect anything less from German engineering?

BUY IT   $149.99 Categories: Cars, Rides

Chronicles of Never Save The World Bag at
Chronicles of Never Save The World Bag

The perfect weekender – Chronicles of Never Save The World Bag is made of a thick, gray jersey with cord detailing and straps.  Not offensive, rather just the right size for a quick jaunt.

BUY IT   $150 Categories: Bags, Gear
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