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PacMan Cutting Board at
PacMan Cutting Board

This one brings a nostalgic smile to the face of every GenXer. Hand-crafted of walnut, maple & cherry, the PacMan Cutting Board is assembled with FDA-approved, water-proof glue & treated with mineral oil and beeswax. 80s yearning with every slice and dice.

BUY IT   $165 Categories: Kitchen, Space

Exile On Main St. (Super Deluxe Reissue) by The Rolling Stones at
Exile On Main St. (Super Deluxe Reissue) by The Rolling Stones

My parents met at a Stones concert in 1965. This one’s for them. Exile on Main St. stands as one of the greatest albums of all time. Pressed on vinyl & CD, the Super Deluxe Edition includes 18 remastered originals along with 10 unreleased tracks, 30-minute documentary DVD & 50-page photo-book. This is the holy grail.

BUY IT   $136.89 Categories: Media, Music

McClure’s Spicy Bloody Mary Mix at
McClure’s Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

Need a pick-me-up from last night? A McClure’s Bloody Mary is the cure. Base flavoring extracted from cayenne and habanero spicy pickles with tomato paste & fresh pressed cucumber juice. If this mix doesn’t cure you, it will at least help you feel better by supporting a family-run business where every jar is hand-packed, cucumbers hand-sliced & labels, printed with soy and vegetable ink by wind-powered electricity.

BUY IT   $120 - 12 Jars Categories: Drink, Host

Rockwell SoniCrafter 73pc Complete Professional Kit at
Rockwell SoniCrafter 73pc Complete Professional Kit

Oh yeah… Rockwell’s bad boy is niiiice. Check out this list of 73 tools:
1 Variable Speed SoniCrafter
1 Semicircle Saw Blade
1 Universal End Cut Blade
1 Precision End Cut Blade
30 Sanding Sheets
30 Finger Sanding Sheets
1 Sanding Pad
1 Finger Sanding Pad
1 Triangular Carbide Grit Rasp
1 Carbide Grit Semicircle Blade
1 Polishing Pad
1 Vacuum Adapter
1 Scraper
1 SoniCrafter Adapter
1 Hex Key
How can you not need this commander-in-chief of the workbench?

BUY IT   $179 Categories: Gear, Tools

Billykirk Bike Frame Pouch at
Billykirk Bike Frame Pouch

Backpack? Bit much. Wicker Basket? Yeah, right. Stuffing your key & cash in your footwear? Risky. Billykirk’s Pouch is the classy alternative. Hand-stitched leather secured to your ride’s frame via three loops with collar buttons – perfect for a paperback, gloves, phone, sunglasses or even a sandwich.

BUY IT   $125 Categories: Bike, Sport

Pipework Series Coat Rack at
Pipework Series Coat Rack

London-based, Nick Fraser plays with your perception of the industrial landscape. His Pipe Work Series offers an inventive alternative to the conventional. You may never look at your garden spigot the same again.

BUY IT   $187 Categories: Decor, Space

Tubus Tvar Recycled Bike Tube Messenger Bag at
Tubus Tvar Recycled Bike Tube Messenger Bag

Good karma stemming from your weekend blow-out. Amsterdam-based, Krejci actively rescues bike tubes from their perilous journey to the incineration plant. If Tvar’s Messenger Bag is strong enough to survive jagged road obstacles it certainly will protect your laptop & daily essentials.

BUY IT   $199 Categories: Bags, Gear

Adidas World Cup 2010 Jabulani Ball at
Adidas World Cup 2010 Jabulani Ball

Featuring 11 colors representing each team’s 11 players, South Africa’s 11 languages & 11 communities. Adidas’ 2010 Jabulani Ball – celebrate the game.

BUY IT   $124.99 Categories: Equipment, Sport

Phiaton PS 210 Earphones at
Phiaton PS 210 Earphones

Winner of the 2010 Red Dot, Phiaton’s unique half-in-ear design combines the bass response of in-ear buds with the crystal clear highs of their open-ear counterparts. So comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing them. So crisp, you’ll never want to take them off.

BUY IT   $119 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Rotten Luck Dice at
Rotten Luck Dice

We all need a change of luck these days. Roll the dice with Rotten Luck. Gold plated zinc alloy & Swarovski crystals adorn this set of 6. Get lucky.

BUY IT   $195 Categories: Game Room, Space
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