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Garage Door Motifs at
Garage Door Motifs

Your neighborhood has no pulse. Time to stir the pot.
Adorn your garage door with a hi-res photo printed on a weather-resistant tarp – select a stock image or submit your own. Depending on your crib’s locale, you can either create something desirable or hide it.

BUY IT   $375 Categories: Decor, Space

The “Jack” Limited Edition Holga Camera at
The “Jack” Limited Edition Holga Camera

The Holga – circa 1960. Cheap, plastic, takes terrible photos and has legions of fans. Check out Flickr’s Holga tag for living proof. The “Jack” limited edition pays homage to the White Stripe’s musical master with every imperfect shot. Click here for the camera’s micro-site.

BUY IT   $180 Categories: Photography, Tech

Turkish Bath Towel at
Turkish Bath Towel

Bring a 16th century ritual to your bath. This is the real deal. Called a peshtemal, this 100% cotton, over-sized towel is traditionally used in Turkey’s bath houses. Large enough to wrap around your entire body – it dries almost as quickly as it absorbs.

BUY IT   $26 Categories: Bath, Space

2010 Lotus Evora at
2010 Lotus Evora

Lotus’ first new ride in over a decade. The 2010 Evora preserves the brand’s DNA with a redesigned interior providing taller passengers ( ahem athletes ) a more luxurious ride. With high performance & deft dynamics, the razor-sharp responsiveness grants drivers the thrill of every bend in the road.

BUY IT   $75,000 Categories: Cars, Rides

Sony Wireless Digital Headphones at
Sony Wireless Digital Headphones

Sony unveils a pair of slick wireless phones. With a 100ft range, the built-in NiMH battery provides 7 hours of continuous use on a single charge. For an extended life, pop in a single AAA for another 10 hours of pure audio pleasure.

BUY IT Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

The Thing at
The Thing

Claustrophobic? Paranoid?
You may opt to skip this one. John Carpenter’s The Thing is a perfectly executed horror film with a balanced blend of action and sci-fi. This 1982 remake of the 1950s classic The Thing from Another World – is probably due for a Hollywood rehashing.

BUY IT   $9.49 Rent It Categories: Media, Movies

Key Shaped Pocket Knife at
Key Shaped Pocket Knife

Pocket-knife key chain. Resourceful, but tacky. Let discretion prevail with the German-designed Key Shaped Pocket Knife. Looks like a home key – but houses a knife.

BUY IT   $24.90 Categories: Gear, Tools

RileyG Strapworks Camera Straps at
RileyG Strapworks Camera Straps

Straight from our stretch of coast, Encinitas-based Aaron Wilcox fuses fashion with photography. Strapwork’s custom camera straps are crafted from leather, suede & soft vinyl embodying the creativity of the photographers who wear them.

BUY IT   $74 Categories: Photography, Tech

Wide Open Baja Adventures at
Wide Open Baja Adventures

Nothing beats the dust of Baja California. You & a co-driver will spit sand at 90 mph in the latest off-road racing technology. Wide Open Adventures offers 3 multi-day excursions  – accommodations, meals, guides and of course, the vehicle – included.

BUY IT Categories: Escape

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags at
Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Tired of your lunch being nabbed. Try this.
You could grab a Sharpie & create your own….or forgo the mess and order one up.
Save the sandwich.

BUY IT   $8 for 25 Categories: Gear
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