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GE Caulk Singles at
GE Caulk Singles

Your pad is calling for a small DIY caulking job, but the large tube & bulky gun seem a bit excessive – not to mention, wasteful.  GE’s Caulk Singles provide you with the right amount of caulk for a single job, while the packaging helps you lay the perfect bead.

BUY IT   $2.49 Categories: Gear, Tools

Roost Aluminum Antler Lamp at
Roost Aluminum Antler Lamp

Tin foil has never looked better.  Crafted of sand-cast recycled aluminum, Roost’s Antler Lamp is equally impressive in a cabin or city loft.  Complete the look of this huntsman’s staple with a wood veneer shade.

BUY IT   $220 Categories: Lighting, Space

Brixr Wine Tasting Kit at
Brixr Wine Tasting Kit

Choosing a great bottle of wine is an art. Brixr’s Wine Tasting Kit provides 50ml samples of four premium California wines. After experiencing each selection, return the included voucher for a full bottle of your personal favorite.

BUY IT   $65 Categories: Drink, Host

Nike LunarGlide+ at
Nike LunarGlide+

Give your feet a lift. Nike boasts a new level of comfort and support with the streamlined LunarGlide+ running shoe. Aside from bad-ass looks, this lightweight kick features new technology providing a soft, natural feel when pounding the pavement.

BUY IT   $100 Categories: Sneakers, Wear

Nixie Tube Clock at
Nixie Tube Clock

Industrial retro with an edge of communism. Soviet-era, Russian Nixie glass tubes house glowing orange numbers that fade in and out as the time changes. It almost screams Cold War.

BUY IT   $350 Categories: Decor, Space

Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures (Banned) at
Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures (Banned)

Did you know Mighty Mouse was an accused coke head? In the 80′s, a media watchdog charged the superhero with sniffing powder – although depicted as crushed flowers. The cartoon was pulled and never seen again. Alas, here he comes to save the day! Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures DVD Set includes the original 19 uncensored episodes.

BUY IT   $28.99 Categories: Media, Movies

Alien Furniture at
Alien Furniture

Don’t bring Sigourney Weaver home with this beast in the house. Each piece of Alien Furniture is not only unique artistry, but crafted from recycled metal. Obviously inspired by the movie, don’t feel you have to be a sci-fi nut or all-around creepy guy to call this one your own.

BUY IT   Varies Categories: Decor, Space

The Old Malt Cask 20cL Samples at
The Old Malt Cask 20cL Samples

This one will impress.  Scotland’s Douglas Laing & Co housed samples of their Old Malt Cask in replication sample bottles with faux handwriting.  Little “rarities” – small bottles, in small quantities, from a small bottling – allow you to taste before you blow their minds by acquiring the large bottle.

BUY IT   $30 Categories: Drink, Host

The Pistacio Football at
The Pistacio Football

What is it about beer and football that spikes the munchies? Class up your Super Bowl Party with Fiddyment Farm’s Pistachio Football. 40 ounces of lightly-salted California nuts housed in a burlap pigskin.  Once you eat one, you won’t be able to stop.

BUY IT   $20 Categories: Food, Host

Buffalo ’66 at
Buffalo ’66

Buffalo ’66 is strange. The kind of strange you won’t want to miss. After being released from five years in the clink, Billy (Vincent Gallo) kidnaps and forces a teenager (Christina Ricci) into playing his wife.  But why?  To impress mommy (Angelica Houston) and atone for forcing her into labor during Buffalo’s 1966 Super Bowl win.

BUY IT   $10.49 Rent It Categories: Media, Movies
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