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Classic Nike Challenger at
Classic Nike Challenger

The return to retro has not left trainers behind. The classic Nike Challenger circa 1979 has been reborn with its original features – synthetic suede, mesh & nylon upper and the iconic waffle sole.

BUY IT   $79 Categories: Sneakers, Wear

2010 Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid at
2010 Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid

Can luxury and efficiency coexist?  Mercedes’ 2010 S400 Hybrid claims it can. 29 MPG co-powered by a lithium-ion battery, this opulent classic is “the world’s most efficient gas-powered luxury vehicle.”

BUY IT   $87,950 Categories: Cars, Rides

Corky’s Ribs at
Corky’s Ribs

Corky’s slow-cooks its ribs over hickory and charcoal for 18 hours before lathering on their world-famous sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. Or if sauce isn’t your thing – hand-rubbing them with their special dry shake recipe. Memphis heritage comes alive with every bite of these tender ribs shipped to you fully cooked, vacuum sealed and frozen.

BUY IT   $81.99-$269.99 Categories: Food, Host

The Colossus by RJD2 at
The Colossus by RJD2

With the release of The Colossus, innovative RJD2 takes you on a hip hop voyage you won’t want to return from. Each track unfolds beautifully with the beat smith’s mad sampling skills, multi-instrumentalist talents, and sick turntablism – not to mention, the soulful guest vocalists.

BUY IT   $10.99 Categories: Media, Music

The Bullet by Falcon Motorcycles at
The Bullet by Falcon Motorcycles

The Bullet is a custom Triumph motorcycle.  This drop dead gorgeous machine began as a derelict 1950′s Thunderbird – the bike Marlon Brando rode in The Wild One. LA-based, Falcon Motorcycles pounded 1000+ man-hours into this one-of-a-kind ride that leaves onlookers wondering what was that?

BUY IT   TBA Categories: Motorcycles, Rides

Muse: North American Tour at
Muse: North American Tour

If you think Muse’s studio recordings have energy – wait until you see them live. Their shows are epic. Don’t miss the trio when they come your way spring 2010 in support of their latest recording The Resistance. If they’re not in your neck of the woods – they’re headlining Coachella on Saturday, April 17th.

BUY IT   $50 Categories: Escape, Events

Trek Soho at
Trek Soho

Plain & simple – the eight speed Trek Soho is a commuters dream. No more dirty pants – the greasy chain has been replaced with a Gates Carbon Drive belt. Roller brakes, rubber top-tube bumper, puncture-resistant tires and matching fenders give you a well-needed jump on the traffic.

BUY IT   $1149.99 Categories: Bike, Sport

686 Small Stud Snow Tool Belt at
686 Small Stud Snow Tool Belt

Eliminate the need for your tool box.  Whether you require a screwdriver, wrench or something to pop off a bottle cap – look no further than below the gut for your savior. 686′s tool belt is available in a variety of styles including the featured full grain waterproof leather.

BUY IT   $50 Categories: Accessories, Wear

Stanley Classic Flask at
Stanley Classic Flask

Whether taking the edge off a long week, building liquid courage, warming your bones in the winter wilderness or drowning your sorrows, the Stanley Flask will always be by your side – literally. Its unbreakable, slim rustproof, stainless steel construction encourages discrete tugs of your favorite libation anywhere at anytime.

BUY IT   $20 Categories: Camping, Gear

Philips Wake-up Light at
Philips Wake-up Light

No more harsh rousing from dreamland. Philip’s Wake-up Light gradually brightens your space, while your pre-selected audio gently increases in volume. Be kind to yourself – stop the pre-dawn torture.

BUY IT   $179.99 Categories: Gadgets, Tech
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