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MAG for PS3 at
MAG for PS3

Multiplayer gaming just became massive! First person shooter MAG immerses gamers in live online battle with 128 soldiers per side. A total of 256 gamers playing the same map simultaneously – serious lag, right? Nope. This game’s fluidity is so smooth it’s as if you’re not even connected to the net.

BUY IT   $56.99 Categories: Games, Media

Yogen Mobile Device Charger at
Yogen Mobile Device Charger

A dead phone is a sure way to make a bad situation worse. Yogen’s pull release mechanism generates enough power to make an SOS call.  Small, lightweight & compatible with most mobile devices – this charger will get you out of a sticky situation fast.

BUY IT   $39.99 Categories: Portable, Tech

One Year of White Pages at
One Year of White Pages

Ideal for the architect, artist or doodle-enthusiast, Alessandro Esteri’s soft notebooks are the perfect fit for a jacket pocket.  One book for each month, this set of 12 comes neatly filed in its own black box ready for you or the friend who has everything.

BUY IT   $38 Categories: Gear, Work

Magimix Vision Toaster at
Magimix Vision Toaster

In 1893, Great Britain invented the first electric toaster – why did it take over a hundred years to perfect? With extra wide slots & insulated glass windows, you can finally see your Pop Tarts before they burn.

BUY IT   $300 Categories: Kitchen, Space

Seat Belt Camera Strap at
Seat Belt Camera Strap

Update your hip photographer persona by toting your precious camera cargo with a retired lifesaving device.  Salvaged from a wreck yard, these handmade camera straps come in 7 great colors reminiscent of the clunkers they once called home.

BUY IT   $20 Categories: Gear

GXV Xpedition Vehicles at
GXV Xpedition Vehicles

If Chuck Norris went on a road trip, he’d travel in a Global Xpedition Vehicle. This beast comes fitted with the same luxurious interior as an RV, but on a chassis allowing for serious off-roading. Don’t just see the Grand Canyon – drive through it.

BUY IT   TBA Categories: Trucks

Handpresso Wild Domepod at
Handpresso Wild Domepod

You’ll never drink another bitter brew again. Handpresso’s Wild Domepod ensures the perfect cup o’joe or shot of espresso. Place your grounds of choice into the portable device’s dome, pump the pressure rod & add hot water. Bid farewell forever to the office sludge.

BUY IT   $99.99 Categories: Kitchen, Space

Bamboo Toothbrush Set at
Bamboo Toothbrush Set

In the US, 50 million lbs of plastic are disposed of each year from discarded toothbrushes. This waste won’t break down in our lifetime. Nor within the lifetime of our children. Imagine that on a global scale. A Bamboo Toothbrush is a simple solution – 100% biodegradable, environmentally sustainable and non polluting.  You can help the earth & your wallet – a 12-pack is available for $33.

BUY IT   $33 Categories: Accessories, Groom

iRobot Looj 155 at
iRobot Looj 155

Damn gutters.  Can’t live with them.  Can’t live without them.  Blast through gutter debris & sludge with iRobot’s Looj 155.  Climb the ladder, position your new friend and hang out, while he does the dirty work.  You’ll even be done in time to watch the game.

BUY IT   $169.99 Categories: Gear, Tools

2010 Honda Accord Crosstour at
2010 Honda Accord Crosstour

Honda takes it to another level with their 2010 Accord Crosstour. With sleek lines & extensive versatility, this sporty AWD crossover features a comfortable interior and an abundance of cargo space. Its 271-hp, 3.5 liter V6 promises brisk acceleration, while its enhanced shifting feature ensures you won’t lose speed in the turns.

BUY IT   $29,670 Categories: Cars, Rides
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