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Oooms Solar Birdhouse at
Oooms Solar Birdhouse

There’s a little Audubon in all of us. Give your feathered friends the good life. By day Dutch-designed, Ooom’s birdhouse, is a solar-charging abode. After the sun sets, a light rod illuminates opening up the all-night buffet.

BUY IT   $120 Categories: Outdoor, Space

Mercedes Benz F800 Style at
Mercedes Benz F800 Style

I want this one in my garage. Mercedes F800 hybrid joins a direct-injection, 300hp, V6 engine with a 109hp electric motor. Do the math & you have 409 stallions. Pre-Safe Technology engages the brakes when an imminent rear-end collision is detected. Traffic Jam Assistant sustains a safe following distance and maneuvers though curves at speeds under 25 MPH. Green has never looked so good.

BUY IT   TBA Categories: Cars, Rides

Kraken Black Spiced Rum at
Kraken Black Spiced Rum

Folklore tells of a cargo ship carrying a bounty of spiced rum being attacked by the legendary, giant squid – Kraken. The creature bathed the ship in its deadly ink killing cast & crew. But alas, one bottle of rum was left behind. Stained in ink, the beverage beheld a strong, rich taste. Distilled in Trinidad & Tobago – raise one up for legend.

Props to the designer of their web site.

BUY IT   $21.99 Categories: Drink, Host

The Book Of Cool at
The Book Of Cool

The title says it all. Step by step instruction on how to hacky sack, break dance, bar flare, win at pool, juggle, skateboard, execute frisbee tricks and more. Stop admiring and be admired.

BUY IT   $39.99 Categories: Media, Movies

Brixton Hats at
Brixton Hats

The sun is high in the sky. Time to cover the dome. Inspired by music, culture & the people who surround them – Brixton is the collaboration of three SoCal friends who wanted to convey their lifestyle through unique products. Mix up your week with a homage to comradery.

BUY IT   $25-50 Categories: Hats, Wear

Davek SOLO Umbrella at
Davek SOLO Umbrella

Time to trade up from the last downpour’s impromptu purchase. Spring is here. Rain is coming. Grab an umbrella for life. Davek’s Solo is their best-selling compact with high-engineered performance and metropolitan style. This classic will last through mother nature’s worst.

BUY IT   $99.95 Categories: Gear

The Brighton Studio Project by Macbeth at
The Brighton Studio Project by Macbeth

Blink 182 and Angels & Airwaves front man, Tom DeLonge, started Macbeth. Inspired by music and action-sports, the Brighton blends SoCal with the 1964 British riots. The result – a mod, vegan update to the classic t-toe jogger. Tough to findĀ  – here is another option…and another.

BUY IT   $75 Categories: Sneakers, Wear

Bicycle 125 – Anniversary Edition at
Bicycle 125 – Anniversary Edition

Play your cards right. Bicycle’s limited edition pack commemorates the manufacturer’s Cincinnati-origin 125 years ago. Available in red or deep blue – every hand deserves a little magic.

BUY IT   $4.95 Categories: Game Room, Space

PVC Radio-FM at
PVC Radio-FM

In the eyes of an artist anything is possible. Dutch-designer, Jasper de Leeuw created a radio crafted of flexible PVC. Not wishing to detract from the fluidity, the controls are hidden underneath. Now, if only the reception could be so smooth.

BUY IT   $200 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech

Dosh Wallets at
Dosh Wallets

Anything carrying money should look it. Slim & compact, Dosh’s thermoplastic polyurethane billfold is both washable and flexible. Available in 2-configurations & a palette of colors – you will never settle for the brown staple again.

BUY IT   $90 Categories: Gear, Wallets
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