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Rapha Classic Softshell Jacket at
Rapha Classic Softshell Jacket

London-based, Rapha creates the finest cycling wear in the world.  Sporting windproof, water resistant and highly breathable fabric, the Classic Softshell Jacket is the perfect blend of style and performance. This is the Marc Jacobs of road wear.

BUY IT   $375 Categories: Athletic, Wear

Cheers Flask at
Cheers Flask

Feeling bitter?  Let everyone know your exact sentiments when imbibing your favorite inebrient.  In God We Trust’s Flask carries 3.5 oz in stainless steel with a screw top lid.  Did I mention, no two are alike – every hand engraved flask is truly your own.

BUY IT   $50 Categories: Gear

Lego Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater at
Lego Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater

Some say the only difference between men & boys is the size of their toys. Lego bashes this theory with its architectural landmark series. The company brings us Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1934 classic, Fallingwater in shiny plastic glory. Every detail of the original iconic home is captured in this imaginative re-creation.

BUY IT   $104.90 Categories: Games, Media

The Umbuster at
The Umbuster

In Australia, you must carry a concealed weapons permit to shoulder the Umbuster in public. Luckily, here in the US of A, we call this a class project.  Designed by a college student, this multitasking rain protection not only keeps you dry, but threatening as well.

BUY IT   $300 Categories: Accessories, Wear

Natural Light Candle Firestarters at
Natural Light Candle Firestarters

Show off your camping skills.  NLC’s firestarters blend shaved hardwood chips and food grade wax in a 3oz paper cup.  Burning for 25 minutes, you’ll have plenty of time to stoke the perfect blaze. With 16 per box, damp logs will never be an issue again.

BUY IT   $12 Categories: Camping, Gear

Sanyo VPC-WH1 Waterproof HD Cam at
Sanyo VPC-WH1 Waterproof HD Cam

The World’s 1st HD Waterproof Video Camera. Sanyo’s new cam doubles as a still camera, records in stereo & is waterproof up to 10 feet. Although it won’t cut it for your next diving expedition, it will make filming football highlights in the rain a distinct possibility.

BUY IT   $322 Categories: Photography, Tech

Mighty Wallets at
Mighty Wallets

Why can’t your wallet make a statement? Mighty Wallet’s combination of graphic appeal, strength and recyclability commands attention. Unlike its leather counterparts, it’s almost impossible to damage (the wallet’s Tyvek material is also used for express mail envelopes). The build is unique – it expands to hold as much garbage as you can pile into it – George Castanza style.

BUY IT   $15 Categories: Gear, Wallets

Oh Snap! A Photography / T-Shirt Project at
Oh Snap! A Photography / T-Shirt Project

Don’t contact these guys for your next family reunion tee.  Oh Snap! selects interesting amateur shots for their wearable collection.  If you are feeling talented, submit your best snap for consideration – you may find someone wearing it.

BUY IT   $30 Categories: Graphic Tees, Wear

Ovobar Beverage Dispenser at
Ovobar Beverage Dispenser

Next time you serve sangria, notch up the presentation with the Ovobar. Sleek, polished porcelain holds nearly 3 gallons of your favorite liquid in the hottest possible way.

BUY IT   $500 Categories: Bar Ware, Host

Tommyca Bicycle Sound System at
Tommyca Bicycle Sound System

Worried about blocking street noise with your iPod?  Tommyca’s Bicycle Sound System provides high quality sound, 6 hours of run time, 2GB of storage & the ability to hear your surroundings.  Two LED lights keep it safe for those moonlit rides.

BUY IT   $199 Categories: Audio & Speakers, Tech
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