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Ford Rouge Factory Tour at
Ford Rouge Factory Tour

You’re thinking, escape to Detroit?. If you’re a car fan or history buff it should be on your list.  Ford’s Rouge Factory Tour gives visitors an up-close look at the operations of a real, working auto plant.  Upon completion in 1928, the Rouge was the largest manufacturing facility in the world. It’s come down in size since then, but its importance to the history of modern manufacturing remains goliath.  To enhance your Detroit experience, pair with the Woodward Dream Cruise – a bacchanalian event for gear heads – and a day at the Henry Ford Museum. The Motor City lives on!

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SmartWool Trio at
SmartWool Trio

These aren’t grandma’s scratchy wool socks. A group of New England ski instructors took the challenge of creating a wool blend that is as comfortable as it is warm. Keep your feet happy on the slopes or on the couch with Smart Wool’s three sock sampling.

BUY IT   $49.99 Categories: Accessories, Wear

Tricky’s Maxinquaye Deluxe Edition at
Tricky’s Maxinquaye Deluxe Edition

You and your better half won’t be leaving the bedroom as long as Tricky’s Maxinquaye spins in the background. The trip hop classic’s two-disc deluxe edition includes digitally remastered original tracks, B-sides and previously unreleased material. Though great for late night romps, its sonic production is experienced best through a nice pair of phones.

BUY IT   $29.98 Categories: Media, Music

Pale Ale Urinal at
Pale Ale Urinal

No more is your bathroom all function – with the Pale Ale Urinal it may soon be a home highlight.  Part art, part comedy, a galvanized steel bucket sits atop a pedestal offered in a variety of materials. Go with the solid walnut if you really want to class things up.

BUY IT   $600 Categories: Bath, Space

Georg Jensen Koppel Watch at
Georg Jensen Koppel Watch

Henning Koppel’s 1978 masterpiece was the inspiration behind this updated timepiece. The Georg Jensen Koppel Watch is elegant, understated and stainless steel with a slightly oversized (41mm) face. Three precision timing dials round out the design of this modern classic.

BUY IT   $4850 Categories: Watches, Wear

Vancouver 2010 for XBox And PS3 at
Vancouver 2010 for XBox And PS3

Be the first to carry the Winter Game torch with Sega’s Vancouver 2010 in your XBox or PS3. Feel the adrenaline as you carve the slopes, careen the luge and coast the ski jump in 14 of the Olympic’s premium events. Connect your system to the net and compete for the gold against others worldwide. Let the games begin!

BUY IT   $49.82 Categories: Games, Media

Zenvo ST1 at
Zenvo ST1

You can’t stop staring at it, can you? The hand-built, Danish-designed Zenovo ST1 is pure sex from bumper to bumper. Unfortunately, you must be one of the 15 selected owners to enjoy watching the needle pass 60 in three seconds. The V8 engine produces 1104 horse on its way to 233 MPH. Thankfully, staring at it is still a treat.

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LA Gang Tour at
LA Gang Tour

Any day of the week, you can grab a map of the stars and tour Beverly Hills, but for something a little edgier – try South Central. Unless you have dope street skills (and even then it’s not a good idea), I wouldn’t cruise through alone. Welcome, LA Gang Tour. Board a charter bus for a first hand look at the neighborhoods that spawned the most dangerous gang territory in America. Your tour guide has plenty of inner-city experience and will immerse you in this forbidden culture. Luckily, a cease fire agreement was made by the tour’s creator; however, you still must sign a waiver relinquishing responsibility should you get caught in cross-fire.

BUY IT   $65 Categories: Escape

Flashsticks Wood USB Pen Drive at
Flashsticks Wood USB Pen Drive

Data storage marries reclaimed fallen hardwood from the forests of Berkshire England. Opposites do attract.  Housing up to 2GB, Flashsticks Wood USB Pen Drive is a breath of fresh air for those with computer storage needs and a penchant toward conservation.

BUY IT   $27 Categories: Portable, Tech

Recycled Cassette Tape Necktie at
Recycled Cassette Tape Necktie

Adaptive reuse – always amazing. Recycled Cassette Tape Neckties are woven from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% colored thread. Available in three colors, each tie is hand crafted on a antique loom in New England.  Check out this production process.

BUY IT   $120 Categories: Neck, Wear
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